Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six habits of watermelon seeds

What can one do with watermelon seeds?

1. Soak them in water until the water turns yellow.
2. Spell out words.
3. Use them to fill out crosswords.
4. Spread them out and let them do whatever they want.
5. Place them on a mirror and watch them admire themselves.
6. Hold them in your hand.
Oh.. I almost forgot.. you can also plant them, if you are so inclined :)


  1. ka duh lutuk. I thluak hi chu a tha mawle. Haha

  2. lol these are the fruits of a quiet Sunday morning

  3. Hahaha... Hmanna i va hre ve :P

  4. Thlai chi thehtu kut chu a va mawi em!

  5. you missed something... they taste really good?! .. lol

  6. TS - Too much free time is the mother of innovation :P

    Thara - Thanks! and thanks for visiting.

    LR - lol all it takes is half an hour.

    pepe - Do they? I haven't eaten them yet.. do you fry them or dry them in the sun? btw thanks for visiting.

  7. Bengali chuan Tormutz bitz(Watermelon seed) an ti ve tlat, daih mai a.

    A thlum tha lo chiang, a dum hlarh lo tlat; tunlai hian a thlum tuk hun kha a liam mek.

    Eng engemaw hi i rawn la kual a, i han lak takah chuan a lo awm ve viau zel a, first comment khi a dik viau. Kei chu mi creative ka ni ve lo, mahse creative deuhho hi ka hre hrang ve tlats.

    Fridge-ah i dah vawt a, khua a lum bawk si a-outer unit temparature kha sang viau mahse inner unit lam kha a lo chuti lua lo va, dawnfawh vawt tha reih rawih in ei hmek hmek khan kum rei tak i lo vei tawh i pharyngitis kha a rawn kaitho leh a, i hrawkte chu a rawn inphan mar leh tuak ta a, chilte chu lem zing ta dup hian i inhria a, darthlalang i la a, i ang vak vak a, i hrethiam chuang hlei law.

    chuan, i doctor rawn thin kha i rilruah a lo lang rauh rauh va, hmana antibiotics i ngeih deuh kha a lo chawh mial leh tak chein...ka phuah peih tawh lo.

    Beware of chilled water/solid.

  8. OMG did I mention somewhere that I had pharyngitis once? Must be around 4 years ago, and it was a most painful experience. I comment te a lawmawm thin e, he dawnfawh hi lianpui chi kha a ni lo va, tereuhte hring duk deuh ang chi zawk kha a nia. Thil ho te te pawh min lo hlutsak a, a lawmawm :)

  9. A tawp ah dustbin ah paih daih tur, haha.