Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's a beautiful day

Sometimes I think I might have OCD. I obsessively check the time, and the temperature. The worst of summer is behind us, and I'm glad because I was always checking the temperature and the forecast. I would check it before I go to sleep, as soon as I get up, if I wake up in the middle of the night, at any random time during the day. Yes, temperatures soared to 42 degrees, and never went below 30 even at night, even at 3 in the morning. And I would constantly compare the weather in our city with that of other cities around the world. It was always raining in Seattle, Tokyo was much colder than I imagined, Paris was always warmer than London, and Aizawl was warmer than both cities.

Yesterday I went out during the day, and it was a most beautiful day. Blue skies, the likes of which you haven’t seen in a long long time, perfectly clear sky, and big white fluffy clouds. I took a few pictures, here’s one:

 This morning a friend of mine posted in Facebook about the blue blue morning sky, and immediately I ran out and looked up. I was almost blown away by the beauty. Whoever felt sad and said he/she “feels like the colour blue” obviously doesn’t know how beautiful the colour is. How soothing, how relaxing it is.

I left home at 10, and took a few pictures while walking to the bus stop. There were no clouds then.

When I reached the office at 11-ish there were a few big clouds in the sky. As the day progressed more and more clouds appeared, all of them white and big. I stared out of the window and admired their beauty. By 3 PM they had turned a little dark and I thought “Oho, are they gathering rain?” but then I assumed rain clouds don’t gather so low in the sky.  By 5 there were many other small clouds around the horizon, and the big ones were right overhead. But it didn’t rain.

                                      Photo by Sam Haizang (at around 3 PM on 6 June 2012)

The day got over, and I started for home at around 9 PM. I just happened to glance out of the car window and there it was, a big bright yellow moon, hanging low among the trees. Full moon was a few nights ago, and the moon was not a perfect round shape anymore, but oh the brightness! I have always been a sucker for moonlight, and tonight I gazed and gazed at the moon until I neared my house and it disappeared behind the big buildings. I went inside, thinking what a perfect day it was.

P.S. It's 12:50 AM and the temperature is 27 degrees (Yayyyy!!). Tomorrow's forecast 39/26 :)


  1. Thlalak a nalh kher mai. Chhun lam khawlum hi chu a zia viau a, zan lam khawlum erawh hi chu a nuamlo bik tlat.

  2. Thanks! Nia zan mutnaa lum hi a hrehawm tawp, chhunlam lum ai pawhin.

  3. nuam awm bik. Hetah chuan 46 degree at noon and 34 degree at night. And the pics, especially the 1st one are too beautiful....

  4. Started pouring here.. and then it stopped today.. maybe it will in the evening.. :-) It's a beautiful day..

  5. Keini ruah a sur char char a, kan lo ning lek lek tawh a. Khaw lum lai hian thlalak khitiang deuh khi han thlir vang vang ila, a nuam sawng sawng ṭhin reng a ni. Last pic a mawi ruih ruih kher mai, i shot emaw ka lo ti dawn a.

  6. OP - Vawiin (7 June) phei chu cool tak a ni, it was 25 degrees in the morning. Be patient, the monsoon will eventually find you.

    Alejendro - Hasn't really rained here, but it will in the next few days.

    TS - Mizoram ruahsur khawcheng tluka ka nin hi a awm lovang. Heng thlalak ho hi ruahsur hunah i lo hrechhuak dawn nia.