Sunday, July 18, 2010

You're It

Nowadays it seems everyone is picking a random topic, writing something about it and tagging their blogger friends. I don’t want to be left behind so here I am doing it. But after much racking of the brains and beng-sik-ing I cannot come up with a brilliant and/or entertaining topic. It is always like this. When you want to write something and are all ready to make history with your genius, nothing would come to mind. The brain refuses to cooperate. Then you forget all about it, and later when you are in the middle of work, or when you are in bed and are just about to fall asleep you would suddenly think of something great which you’re sure everyone would like. You promise yourself you would write about it as soon as you are free/awake, but the moment of inspiration is gone and it never comes back.

Okay enough with the intro. Let's talk about something which has been discussed a zillion times on this planet by almost every living person. The kind of girl or guy that you would go for (doesn’t matter if you're married, engaged, or committed, put them down anyway). Here I go:
  1. I would choose geeky brainy guys over muscled macho types any day. Peter Parker over Spiderman, Clark Kent over Superman, you get the idea.
  2. Beautiful eyes. I don’t know if they are windows to the soul, but beautiful eyes are so irresistible. Long eyelashes, eyes that sparkle when he laughs… ahhh…mesmerising…
  3. Handy with tools, like fixing little things around the house. I am quite the handyman myself and I couldn’t stand the guy who doesn’t know his tools.
  4. Not the “I am a guy and you are a girl so I'm superior” type, okay maybe I'm being a bit feministic here but I simply don’t like being labelled second best without any concrete evidence in hand.
  5. Optimistic. It can get pretty depressing when all he does it bitch about his life, his boss, his ex-girlfriend. I am not your shrink and will lose interest fast if all you do is complain.
  6. I love animals, so it’s a big plus if he doesn’t see dogs as food or picks up a stone on seeing a cat.
  7. Honest.
  8. Ambitious. Wants to be the best in whatever he does.
  9. Not needy or clingy but not controlling either. Lets me have my independence.
  10. Beautiful hands and feet. I know this is something beyond your control but it would be nice to touch them.
So there you have my list (for now). Shall we hear yours? It’s your turn to blog about it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tumblin' in

Today is one of those lazy Saturdays when you have loads of work but are simply not in the mood so you waste the entire afternoon sitting in front of the computer doing nothing useful. I signed up at tumblr, yet another blogging site. Found an article about it that explains everything.

Tumblr is a blogging platform that makes it easier to post video, audio, words, social bookmarks, photos, and even other people's blog posts into your blog, and share it with other people. Instead of having to upload things to YouTube, Delicious or Flickr, or create your own WordPress database before posting things, you can put your media directly into Tumblr from your computer or mobile phone. It's blogging, the way blogging was meant to be.

There's a "like" button, which lets other users express their approbation, and the ability to follow and be followed by other users; there's also a "reblog" feature that lets you embed other people's posts in your blog, as a way of pointing people to stuff you like. That's the makings of true Internet virality--in other words, it encourages you to encourage others to add content.

So I went, signed up, and after getting lost for a while put up a post. Please go and check it out.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


days of
colourful slippers
rainbow nails
midnight escapades
weekend getaways
bandanas and frilly summer dresses
holiday flings
rebellion and disobedience
are now replaced with
paying rent and bills
being responsible and in charge
trying to be a good example
saving when I could be spending
weekends at home
being a grown up and accepting mistakes
and learning from them
and trying to be a better person