Sunday, July 4, 2010


days of
colourful slippers
rainbow nails
midnight escapades
weekend getaways
bandanas and frilly summer dresses
holiday flings
rebellion and disobedience
are now replaced with
paying rent and bills
being responsible and in charge
trying to be a good example
saving when I could be spending
weekends at home
being a grown up and accepting mistakes
and learning from them
and trying to be a better person


  1. Yeah, tell me about it - being an adult and responsible. You keep saying you're not poetically inclined but this isn't bad at all, ambs. Noticed if you had tried to prosify this, you'd have had to go on and on and on whereas in poetry, everything's so neatly compressed and contained in a few condensed lines. Oh and yippee, no rhymes :D

  2. Jay - Thanks a bunch. When the authority on English lit says it isn't bad at all, then I must be doing something right :))Actually I didn't set out to write a poem when I started this, just wrote what was in the head and thought this format would be easy to read.

    I think being and adult and being responsible is all about thinking long-term, asking yourself "if I do this will I regret it for the rest of my life?" kind of questions.

  3. I guess we had the vacation first and now it's all work and no play. I remember how much fun we had in college, what great friends we made, the heartaches and tenderness of infatuations. It's amazing how much we've gone through and how different life is now. Sometimes it would suddenly strike me that I've lost all my joie-de-vivre and simply became an automaton. But I simply have no regrets, except for the times I must have hurt other people's feelings. Your little poem made me remember those joyful times. Thanks!

  4. Sigh.. adulthood so often robs life of its myriad colours.But then again,when we briefly take off that mantle of responsibility and indulge in harmless lunacies in adulthood, well, that makes the experience that much sweeter.
    Condensed yet articulate. I like :)

  5. diary - I know! Sometimes it feels like we are repaying a loan we had taken ages ago. But like you said, although I did utterly stupid things and made a zillion mistakes, somehow I don't regret a single thing. And at the time it didn't feel wrong at all, but now when I look back I realise how foolish and shortsighted I was.

    kuku - I'm glad you liked it. I can't remember the last time I indulged in a "harmless lunacy", life has become monotonous and routine.

  6. Chhiar nawn fo a ngaih chu le...
    In thai(ziak) mai mai dawn emaw tih pawh hian, a ril phian zel a..

  7. b-buata - Ho te emaw kan tih pawh ril in lo ti a, a lawmawm thin e.