Sunday, July 18, 2010

You're It

Nowadays it seems everyone is picking a random topic, writing something about it and tagging their blogger friends. I don’t want to be left behind so here I am doing it. But after much racking of the brains and beng-sik-ing I cannot come up with a brilliant and/or entertaining topic. It is always like this. When you want to write something and are all ready to make history with your genius, nothing would come to mind. The brain refuses to cooperate. Then you forget all about it, and later when you are in the middle of work, or when you are in bed and are just about to fall asleep you would suddenly think of something great which you’re sure everyone would like. You promise yourself you would write about it as soon as you are free/awake, but the moment of inspiration is gone and it never comes back.

Okay enough with the intro. Let's talk about something which has been discussed a zillion times on this planet by almost every living person. The kind of girl or guy that you would go for (doesn’t matter if you're married, engaged, or committed, put them down anyway). Here I go:
  1. I would choose geeky brainy guys over muscled macho types any day. Peter Parker over Spiderman, Clark Kent over Superman, you get the idea.
  2. Beautiful eyes. I don’t know if they are windows to the soul, but beautiful eyes are so irresistible. Long eyelashes, eyes that sparkle when he laughs… ahhh…mesmerising…
  3. Handy with tools, like fixing little things around the house. I am quite the handyman myself and I couldn’t stand the guy who doesn’t know his tools.
  4. Not the “I am a guy and you are a girl so I'm superior” type, okay maybe I'm being a bit feministic here but I simply don’t like being labelled second best without any concrete evidence in hand.
  5. Optimistic. It can get pretty depressing when all he does it bitch about his life, his boss, his ex-girlfriend. I am not your shrink and will lose interest fast if all you do is complain.
  6. I love animals, so it’s a big plus if he doesn’t see dogs as food or picks up a stone on seeing a cat.
  7. Honest.
  8. Ambitious. Wants to be the best in whatever he does.
  9. Not needy or clingy but not controlling either. Lets me have my independence.
  10. Beautiful hands and feet. I know this is something beyond your control but it would be nice to touch them.
So there you have my list (for now). Shall we hear yours? It’s your turn to blog about it.


  1. Haha, my list isn't long enough to write a blog about it. Just one word- Quality.
    Or not! Knows his music. Socially aware. Intelligent. Loyal. Huuuge sense of humour. Loves music. Loves animals and kids. Eats chau satui leih with panache. Loves music.Superior to me (hah) but isnt aware of it :D
    Physically am not too choosy. Darkish. Broadish shoulders. And dark eyes- huis. Sek tronglo. Awmhmul dur lo, hihihih.

  2. Not fair, kuku!! You were supposed to write a blog post, not leave a lengthy comment. Your list is definitely long enough for a post. Take each point and describe it in detail and there you are. Your comment is not approved. If you don't put up a blog post you will be stuck forever with a "pa tereuhte sek deuh awm hmul dur".

  3. Comment not approved :-( Im hurt.
    I should have just said I wanted to be surprised. hihih. Ok, next blog post. I dont want the "pa tereuhte sek deuh awm hmul dur". No offence to anyone out there.

  4. Mi blog chhiar kual vel hi a hahdam thlak phian mai a.. mahnin ziah tur ngaihtuah nuah nuah ai chuan

    ...Uisa ei chu kan tla phawt mai a...

  5. #6 is super imp for me. As much as I may try, I know I'll never be able to understand and tolerate anyone who eats uisa. I can tolerate a lot...give me a guy who is full of hot air, a stuck-up snooty biyatch, i can cope with them...but never someone who devours domestic pets. Esp man's best friend.


  6. kuku - Now your comment is wholeheartedly approved. Can't wait to read your version. I have lifted the curse and a music loving intelligent super kind man with shoulders the size of the Thar Desert is coming your way. And with body hair only at visible parts :)Let me also throw in beautiful eyes.

    b-buata - Lo ziak ve la? ziah tur ngaihtuah nuah nuah ngai lovin khi topic tur ka thlan fel vek tawh khi.

    blackmagicwoman - Thanks for visiting. I always associate uitalh with drunken revelry, that is why I don't like it at all. Growing up I always had one dog or the other and the thought of them ending up as food is just gross. I know some people rear dogs purely to be butchered later, some people might say hey that's a whole different level, but to me it is not. You can't put dogs in the same level as say, pigs or chicken or cows. Did you ever see a pig wagging its tail when you go to feed it? And all chicken do it flap around and make lots of noise. Okay this is becoming too long. Thanks again, do visit again.

  7. To be honest, I haven't been into this sort of thing for years. Guess I gave up daydreaming and being idealistic long ago. Certainly I've learned that looks are very deceptive. But I'll go along with your list, being too lazy to make mine. #s 6 and 3 are important, yes. And to add to # 10, I'll add calming hands that know how to knead and massage your tired neck and shoulders. Ah bliss :)

  8. Hahaha! Tagging blog memes! You bring back memories of those 2004 - 2005 days. An uar thei lutuk tih hunlai khan, tagging each other not just on topics to blog about, but also awards etc (eg: most lovable blogger award is awarded to XYZ, now it is your turn to award this award to 5 of your blog friends etc etc) Unless the tag is interesting, I never take part in the tag meme, so my friends finally stopped tagging me. What a relief. :) B'coz u know, sometimes it sounds rude to bluntly tell a friend you will not participate in the tag.

    This tag though is interesting, and I don't mind responding with a blog post, except that, errrmmm... I'll have to think about it carefully b'coz my girl reads my blog, which can get quite sensitive if I write about a characteristic she doesn't havet. Not that I am implying I will. Hrethiam mai em? I'll have to tread very carefully on this subject :D

    Hence for now I will say:

    #1: Agree but not exactly, since you're talking about men. I prefer a well-read intellectual female any day to a hot bikini supermodel.

    #2: Agree.

    #3: Disagree. I should be the one handy with tools, not her. The only tool I would want her to be handy with is... ok lets not get into that now :P

    #4 - #10 Agree with the rest :)

  9. I wrote a whole post worth of comment, and it disappeared!!^&*^%^ etc.

    Anyway, I agree with all your points and ahem! consider myself quite lucky that my hubby seems to fit most of the list. Except for 6! He's crazy about dog-meat, something I found out But we've learned to compromise by not making it at home and him pigging out on it at other people's dinners. And try and find a man who'll stay romantic. Make him swear on his mother's beard etc. Most men seem to think romance exists only before marriage :P

  10. Jay - Oh c'mon be impractical and starry eyed for a while, be childish and put up a long list. It's just for fun. I know nobody's perfect (yours truly included) but it's fun, writing this kind of stuff.

    Kims - Okay maybe I'm a little bit late to this tagging scene, but better late than never, right? So are we going to see your post, what makes you tick and what ticks you off etc etc

    diary - Woohoo you lucky girl! How in the world did you find a guy like that? I bet you pinch yourself every night before you fall asleep.
    Finding a man who will stay romantic... I need to do that because I am the most unromantic person who ever walked.

  11. Helai a nula/nu ho te comment a mipa in duh zawng in sawi khi ka lo ni vek tih ka in hrechhuak. :D

    Kima khian hrehawm a lo tih loh nan.. Muah muah Kima I love you too Bro. :D

  12. ihh.. kei chu nupui atan chuan hmeichhia ngei hi an tha ka ti. Mizo mipa ngaihdan a hmeichia.. chubak ka sawifiah thiamlo :)

  13. E khai in duh tui hlawm em mai, in hmu lovang tih ka va hlau em. Kei lah nei tawh dim diam. In quality sawi khi chu ka nei lo deuh vek, mahse kan nu hi chuan min duh ve fu chuan ka hria.

  14. Mos-a - Nula/nu ho duhthusam i ni tawh bawk a,i duhzawng te lo ziak ve la?

    Vana - Mizo mipa ngaihdan a hmeichhia chu enge ni ang aww.. hriat a va chakawm ve. Nu deuh zan, kohhran / khawtlang a inhmang tak?

    Daniel - Duhthusam mai mai nih khi!! Khitiang qualities ang zawng zawng nei vek chu awm pawh an awm kher dawn emi le?

  15. Just wrote a post response, though not exactly this tag :D

  16. Kohran/khawtlang a inhmang chu nlo, Chhungpuinu atana itawm mi hi an awm alom :)

  17. Loved your list :) especially #5, I don't like bitchy ones at all :)

  18. What the hell! All the comments I left on all blogger sites yesterday are all gone..:(

    I left a comment here saying I followed up on the tag, and my list looks a lot like I copied it straight off yours. I guess I could've just done that :) WE both seem to love the same things. I'm never introducing you to my boyfriends L:D

  19. Kim - Thanks for the response.

    Dewdrop - Yeah men and bitchy don't fit together. Leave it to us women to bitch about everything. Thanks for visiting.

    Jerusha - hihihi maybe your comments were censored by blogger. Thanks for picking up the tag.

  20. Vana - Post thar lo ziak ve teh khatia sawi kual sawi kual lo khan!!

  21. Thanks for giving me a reason to post something. Been hitting a bit of a dry spell lately.
    But ..Long eyelashes on a guy?? Seriously?

  22. Samah sam luat a awm nem maw
    A riang lungkham Parte.. awi ka rei!!! hahaha

    i sam nasa em mai, nula leng rei tur tihna.. lolzz

  23. blackestred - That's me, the inspiration :P
    Yes, there are guys with long eyelashes. Not many, but yes they do exist.

    Varte - I va han sual e aw!! Lo sam ve la anih chu, kan leng rei tlang dawn nge dawn lo te lo en ila?

  24. I'm sure u got this "inspiration" from some wayward romantic novel... but thanks for the compliments (as discreet as you put it :)

  25. OP - Hahaha I stopped reading wayward romantic novels when I was 15. Now I watch wayward romantic movies :D