Monday, August 2, 2010

Who do you write like?

So, who do you write like, you wannabe novelist? Whose writing do you particularly admire, you closet writer? How many times have you read books and said if this can get published then surely I too can get published? You’ve lost count, haven’t you, you secret book critic?

Look what I found - a program that reads your work and compares it to the work of famous writers. Found it here:
Created by 27-year-old Russian blogger and software developer Dmitry Chestnykh, the site operates with an algorithm similar to a spam detector. The current version is based on the English texts of 50 authors including Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, and H.P. Lovecraft. You paste an extract from your blog or current fiction project into a text box and hit Submit. An instant response gives you the name of an author whose style your submission resembles.”

I know it’s a computer program and in no way could be trusted. I fed it different paragraphs from different blog posts and apparently I write like Charles Dickens, James Joyce and Margaret Mitchell. Ha! I haven’t read any Dickens, I mean a proper one, the only ones I read being illustrated and children’s versions and of course I watched the movies. I know James Joyce and his Ulysses but never even went near it, and other than Gone With The Wind how many Margaret Mitchell books do we know?

Anyway, this is purely for fun, and a little bit of ego feeding.

And, I took the liberty of checking out whose style you resemble. Yeah I actually went to your blogs and selected texts and fed it to the program and look what results it gave me (I know I know I have nothing else to do).

mesjay - Arthur Conan Doyle
illusionaire – Cory Doctorow
diary – Kurt Vonnegut
Calliopia – David Foster Wallace
blackestred – Stephen King
Mosa – George Orwell
kuku - Vladimir Nabokov
Jerusha – Dan Brown
Mimi – James Joyce
OpaHmar –Robert Louis Stevenson

In case you’re not happy with the results, here’s the link, go do it yourself.


  1. Yayyyy!! I like! Huge ego boost ;D
    Haven't read Nabokov yet so I googled his style. It has something to do with "intricate word play and synesthetic detail". "He was happy mainly because he loved being Vladimir Nabokov and he knew that his genius demonstrated the near-infinite possibilities of language and life and art".
    This app might not be accurate but it makes me happy :D

  2. Wohoo.. Stephen King!! I'm sure you fed the software bits of my earlier dark poems, if not, I still don't care! I can live with this, hell, I can probably die with it! Hehe..
    Checked out the site, pretty neat too.

  3. I checked out your link with my choice of sample and got Leo Tolstoy. D-uh. Ran the analyzer again with another sample of my choice, a piece of what I consider one of my best written posts, and got your David Foster Wallace again. Never heard of him so I wiki-ed him down and I think I'd like to read his stuff. Anyone want to send me his books? :D

  4. What a find! This isss interesting, whether the analysis is accurate or not. Am sure flattered by my 'likeness', wish i could write detectives like him.

  5. Hehehe, i fed a bit of my fantasy story and it now says i write like JRR Tolkien. What great company, i've grown several metres taller!

  6. lolz. I had to google who Cory Doctorow is :D He's a blogger, so I am happy with the result. lolz.

    Am surprised Mosa's result didn't show as Nancy Friday.

  7. Damn it! Dan Brown! He may be a great and successful writer but he's not one I like all that much. Are you sure Nabokov wasn't mine? Maybe you mixed it up and Dan Brown is actually Kuku's? :P

    I read one of those recent bestsellers a week back (can't even remember the name of the book/author). From the very first sentence to the end, I hated the writer but unfortunately some lines sounded like something I would write :( It made me feel conscious about writing on my blog for awhile. *Sigh* I get all the crappy authors.

  8. Mine is Margaret Atwood but I guess the automated system just shows a random name. Anyway it's fun, thanks for sharing, dawg. By the way, Kuku I love Vladimir's 'Lolita' A must read novel :-)

  9. nang hi eng eng emaw i hrechhuak a.. ka text mizo hi ka dah tuar a, result chu pe ve tho nia aw... lolzzz

  10. kuku - Haven't read Nabokov either, all I know is he wrote that famous book "Lolita".Maybe you too should go in that direction and write erotic stuff ;)

    blackestred - Yeah have to admit I browsed around for a bit before selecting the text. But I don't remember feeding it any poems. Anyway,whatever it is, you write like the most famous horror writer, what else do you want?

    J- How's Tolstoy? Haven't read him except for one story we learned in school, but that one was pretty profound. David Foster Wallace.. never heard of him before I came to this analyzer, but he must be pretty good if he's included in the list.

    mesjay- Sherlock Holmes and Lord of The Rings!! Lucky you!! Maybe you too should start writing detective/fantasy stories, and be the Mizo Agatha Christie.

  11. Kim - You got a famous blogger, which made me think hey maybe this analyzer thing is more accurate than we thought, in which case Hollywood here I come !! (My result is Margaret Mitchell, remember?)

    Jerusha - Maybe you write controversial stuff like Mr Brown. Or maybe your stuff is Hollywood material, or maybe you do your research well. Don't fret, he's got lots of fans and I'm sure you too have your share of admirers (of your work I mean).

    Alejendro - Margaret Atwood is a Booker Prize winner, so can we expect great things from you?

    ^-||RaLtE||-^ - Ti ve chhin la, enge i result? I ID lah hi maksak lutuk a ka copy/paste tawps.

    Varte - Hahaha chuan enge i result?

  12. hehhe you'll see my name soon in a Best Seller :-P

  13. Wow! I love Kidnapped, i dont remember how many times i read it when i was a kid( both in Mizo and English as well as illustrated comic book)

    But I thought i wud be Chetan Bhagat hehehe

  14. btw...ka u-in(tetea in st pauls) i zakzum thei ltk a ti sikul ah . Is that true?

  15. Alejendro - Yeah when you write your name on my bestselling book. You know what, I might even autograph it for you.

    OP - You know how we remember some things better than others? Somehow I always remember that scene in Kidnapped where his uncle sent him to the tower and a flash of lightning showed him the staircase is broken. Don't remember the rest of the story though.

    Tunge Tetea chu? Vanlalngheta emi? Zaktheilo zawk zawk chu ka ni ngailo, mahse a rei tawh eee mai that was 16 years ago (egad I sound totally ancient!!)

  16. Yea that was one of the most profound scene. I remember that well
    Lalnghinglova zawk mawle

  17. OP - Lalnghinglova nau maw i lo nih? What a small world!! Six degrees of separation chu ngai lo re re, one degree ah kan in hrekual vek Mizo ho chu!!