Monday, January 14, 2008

Yesterday I popped into a cosmetics store, one that I frequently haunt, to buy face cream. I knew exactly what I wanted, I also knew the price and the shelf where it was displayed. The only thing I needed to do was walk in, claim the thing, pay for it, walk out. So very simple, or so I thought. I entered the store, and was immediately attacked by a Customer Service Executive who I personally felt put on too much makeup and that purple lipstick looked absolutely disastrous on her.

CSE: May I help you ma'am?
I: No thanks, I'm fine.

I took a few steps and realised that they had rearranged the shelves a bit. I looked around in bewilderment when came to my rescue another extremely helpful CSE.

CSE: Are you looking for something ma'am?
I: Yes I need so-and-so cream.
CSE: Please follow me.

So like a sheep I followed. Just my luck that there were three other CSE's milling around that shelf, probably gossiping. The moment I picked out my cream one of them immediately suggested that I take the bigger bottle because it was good value for money and I would only benefit from it. I politely explained that I usually do not go for a big bottle because I like changing bottles every now and then and when the small bottle is finished I can always come back for another. She shut up. Then one of her helpful colleagues asked if I need this cream, or this lotion, or this sunscreen, to all of which I said no. I walked away, when yet another CSE informed me they had this new product and would I like to try it on? No no no... I glanced, merely glanced at one shelf where they put all these facewash stuff and one more CSE told me they had an excellent facewash for oily skin (by looking at my shiny face I suppose). I felt suffocated.

I went to the cash counter to pay for my cream, and the cashier asked me to fill in the feedback form. I happily filled it in, mentioning that although the staff was very helpful and knowledgable I didn't appreciate being followed around the whole store like a murder suspect (and it was not such a big store).

I came out and the sun was shining, and I felt free and liberated.

I guess it's true, too much of anything is never good.