Saturday, March 26, 2011

A book a month

The title says it all; I don’t have to explain much. Read a book in a month. It’s going to be very very difficult, a Herculean task indeed, and I will feel like giving up. Being a world champion in procrastination and a record holder in unfinished projects, it will take a lot of determination and struggle and sweat and of course lots and lots of free time, which I somehow never have. But trudge on we must, till we reach the promised land, till the mountain is conquered, till the great river is crossed, etcetera etcetera.

So how do I propose to achieve this feat? A simple mathematical calculation follows:

Let x = average number of pages in a book = 400
And y = number of days in a month = 30
Hence number of pages to be read in a day = x/y = 400/30 = 13.33

Let’s round it off to 15 pages in a day.

In order to answer to the question “How much time will be required to finish 15 pages in a day?” I conducted a simple experiment. I opened the book I am currently reading, Wuthering Heights, and selected a page at random. It took me approximately three minutes to read that page, something about Catherine throwing some keys into some fire.

Which means it would require (15*3) = 45 minutes in a day. Let’s round this off again to one hour.

Sounds easy on paper, doesn’t it? All it takes is an hour a day, and at the end of the year I can cross out twelve books from my “Books unfinished” list.  But life is anything but predictable, and I am anything but sticking-to-the-plan type. Last minute changes are my specialty, and I don’t know how this thing will turn out. But anyway, let’s not put ourselves down, let’s wear our chainmails and pick up our swords and shields and charge into the battlefield. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a little action

race with me
run by my side
let's see who wins this
crazy love marathon

walk with me
put on your shoes
match your steps with mine
'til we reach the earth's end

jump with me
through ups and downs
let's reach for the stars
and hold them in our hands

stay with me
never let go
all we need is faith
we know we can make it

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aizawl haw

Kum khatah vawikhat ka tlawh a, chu pawh a rei berah thla khat te a nia, mahse "zin" ni lo hian "haw" hi a ni tlat tho. Mahni in awmna ni miau hek, chhungte leh thiante awmna ni bawk. Mahse a chang hi chuan "zin" pawh hi ti ila a inhmeh ve tho ang em aw? ka ti thin. Mikhual duk chang hi a awm fo. Khawpui a lo thang a, in thar leh dawr thar a lo tam a, bazar an lo siksawi a, bus fare a lo to a, Treasury Square te pawh a lo two-lane tawh bawk si (hahaha). Temple bula traffic point lah veilama i hel loh chuan fine a ni a, Zodin leh Chanmari ah chiah a in U-turn theih a, taxi fare a to uchuak bawk. Khawlaiah han chhuak ila hmelhriat hmuh tur reng an awm lo. Vengchhungah naupang te te an lo nula tlangval a, thianten pasal neiin hmun dangah an lo awm bo a, inah hian kawm tur nei lemlo in kan awm ruk ruk thin.

Mahse hrehawm ka ti lem lo. Thian han kawm dur dur chi hi ka ni lo a, ina awm mai mai hi nuam ka ti zawk fo. Unaute nen kan inkawm mai a, chhuah a ngaih leh min chhuahpui mai a. Tun tum ka haw phei chu ka pi kum 85 mi Champhai atangin a lo chhuk a, zing chaw ei khamah hian inchung ni lumah te kan mu vel thin. A mit zai turin a lo kal a, tarmit dum hi a bun raw zel a, "Man in black" kan ti a kan nuih vak vak zel, a ni pawh hrethiam lem hleilo in a nui liam ve mai mai.

Ka birthday March 4 kha Chapchar Kut a lo ni hlauh mai a, lammual grass phah lawm nan leh huau huau kal ve hrim hrim nan tiin kan va thawk chhuak ve a. Kan tleirawl lai a lammual khu lutuk tak kara hnam lam kan va tih ve thin te a ngaihawm rum rum duh nia. Vawikhat pawh inkawibah ah kan tel ve a, kan tumpui te kha an lo fet nasa, an pen hlawk bawk si. Kan han fet ve a, pen mai pawh duhtawk lo in a zuan ten kan zuang vel. Kan chak chuang lo.

Chapchar Kut denchhena a painting/photography exhibition leh flower show ah pawh ka va kal a, a nalh hlawm hle a, mahse chu aia hmuhnawm ka tih chu fire engine a chhak lawka lo ding kha a ni.

Ka thil hmuh khat deuh ka han hmuh chu zana arsi pe tuar kha a ni. A va han mawi tak em! En rei poh khan an tam poh emaw tih mai tur kha a ni lehnghal, kan mit kha a lo in adjust a arsi tereuhte te pawh kha kan hmuh belh tial tial ni in ka hre ber. Tlai ni tla tur pawh kha a mawi thei khawp mai. Reiek tlang chungah a sen rum a, bial lian deuh in, a hniam tial tial a, a tawpah chuan a pilbo a, mahse a chhehvel boruak chu a tisen phut reng tho a.

Sawi tur vak a awm lo. Kuhva ei hmel hmuh tur an tlem sawt in ka hria a, thil tha tak a ni, ha sen seng sung a hma ang em em kha chuan an tam tawhlo. Mahse meizial zu chu kan la tam. Amaherawhchu pawisa nawi a vang a ni! Ka va han vei em he thil hi chu, ah pawh ka post phah hial. In chhiar vek tawh maithei a, mahse lo la chhiar lo in awm palh tak hlauhin va chhiar teh un!