Saturday, March 26, 2011

A book a month

The title says it all; I don’t have to explain much. Read a book in a month. It’s going to be very very difficult, a Herculean task indeed, and I will feel like giving up. Being a world champion in procrastination and a record holder in unfinished projects, it will take a lot of determination and struggle and sweat and of course lots and lots of free time, which I somehow never have. But trudge on we must, till we reach the promised land, till the mountain is conquered, till the great river is crossed, etcetera etcetera.

So how do I propose to achieve this feat? A simple mathematical calculation follows:

Let x = average number of pages in a book = 400
And y = number of days in a month = 30
Hence number of pages to be read in a day = x/y = 400/30 = 13.33

Let’s round it off to 15 pages in a day.

In order to answer to the question “How much time will be required to finish 15 pages in a day?” I conducted a simple experiment. I opened the book I am currently reading, Wuthering Heights, and selected a page at random. It took me approximately three minutes to read that page, something about Catherine throwing some keys into some fire.

Which means it would require (15*3) = 45 minutes in a day. Let’s round this off again to one hour.

Sounds easy on paper, doesn’t it? All it takes is an hour a day, and at the end of the year I can cross out twelve books from my “Books unfinished” list.  But life is anything but predictable, and I am anything but sticking-to-the-plan type. Last minute changes are my specialty, and I don’t know how this thing will turn out. But anyway, let’s not put ourselves down, let’s wear our chainmails and pick up our swords and shields and charge into the battlefield. 


  1. Van algebra ve a tun tum chu :) good one though.. chargeeeeee :)

  2. Bookworm that i am, I cant fall asleep without reading at least a page, no matter how tired I may be. 'Course recently, Ive been doing only light reading, haven't been able to read anything that requires much thought :D
    Like the mathematical approach, though. Good luck with your book-a-month venture!

  3. Bible lo chu ka chhiar ngai tawh lo!!
    ..oh when the saints, go marching in...

  4. H.Vangchhia - Style te hi thlak ve zeuh zeuh tur :)

    TS Khupchong - Hehehe thil tih dawn chuan chhut lawk sa thlap zel tur a lawm.

  5. ku2 - Thank you for the encouragement. I gave up reading before bed ages ago, but now with this new project I just might have to take it up again.
    I thought the mathematical angle would help make it more realistic :P

    daniel - Bible chhiar pawh kha ka project pakhat zinga mi a ni a, hma erawh sawn lem lo. Good thing that you brought it up, now I can officially feel guilty.

  6. Cowboy thawnthu ngaihnawm tak tak hi chu nikhatah bu khat ka chhiar mai thin.

  7. Hmaaanah chuan lehkhabu hi ka chhiar nasa ve thei khawp a, pasal neih hnu chuan short stories bak chhiar hman tawh lo. Fa neih hnu chuan newspaper chhiar hman chuan thil ropui ni tawh :)

  8. Keipawh computor ka neih hma chuan ka chhiar ve nasa thin, huiss. All the best, ambs :)

  9. caribou - Zankhatah lehkhabu pakhat te ka chhiar zo thin mawle! Tunah chuan a thla a thla beih a ngai tawh. Cowboy bu Mizo tawnga an leh kha ka chhiar ve nasa thin, Sudden tih vel te kha.

    diary - Ever the chhangchhenu! Mahse ka hrethiam che i buai dan tur chu.

    Calliopia - Thanks! Taihmak a ngai dawn khawp mai hei.

  10. for me its not exactly a book a month, perhaps a book three months :D anyway, i still continue my reading habits but not so fast as before. Good calculations you have.. Sudden tih vel kha chhiar nasa ve thei lutuk kei pawh, series kha ka chhiar kim hialin ka hria.

  11. Lehkhabu hi ka chhiar nasa thin khawp mia, tunhnu hian ka inthlahdah deuh. Internet vangte pawh hi ani mahna le. Ka chhiar chak lo, tum khat chu PAPILON Bu chhah deuh kha tumkhat chu tlaivar thakin ka chhiar a, sikulah ka muthlu a, min la hrem zui :-)

  12. Varte - I think the important thing is not to stop reading, no matter how many months it took to finish one book.

    sekibuhchhuak - Papilon kha maw keipawh ka chhiar ngei alawm, khang hun lai kha chuan a lar ve em alawm, Count of Monte Cristo, The Robe tih vel te nen khan.