Saturday, March 19, 2011

a little action

race with me
run by my side
let's see who wins this
crazy love marathon

walk with me
put on your shoes
match your steps with mine
'til we reach the earth's end

jump with me
through ups and downs
let's reach for the stars
and hold them in our hands

stay with me
never let go
all we need is faith
we know we can make it


  1. Oh yeah i know we can hairehai :) good one

  2. Saptawng ngata i han ziak hi chuan, a ril leh ruih thin. "Stay with me" i tih khi tu tak ni ang maw??? A vannei khawp ang le...

  3. I won't.. I will never let you go...

  4. caribou - Phuah satliah a ni e, han tihchhan bik em em pawh awm lo.

    Alejendro - Thanks a zillion!!

  5. Ehe..ku Aduhi.. hei zet hi chu ka(n) duh .. hehe.. ka bialnu in lo chhiar rawh ti nih chu..

    NALH LUTUK TAWP! Tunlai nang pawh i hairehai ve deuh a ni maw.. hihi..

  6. Ku mnowluck chu i lo hairehai vang a ni maw i reh em em! Say thanks to your girl for reading the post, and wishing you both all the love and happiness in the world.