Monday, September 30, 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time I had this strange habit of washing my clothes at two in the morning. I was not mentally deranged or anything, it was just that I worked the night shift those days and 2 AM on a weekend was not that late for me. A few years later one of my old roommates would often ask if I still had that habit.

Once upon a time I was so thin that my collarbones stuck out. We had a school T-shirt which we have to wear once a week (but it was not compulsory). I rarely wore it, instead went for the normal shirt+tie, which I believed hid my collarbones.

Once upon a time my friends and I went to see a Star Wars movie and all of us fell asleep at the theatre. I think they were showing The Phantom Menace then.

Once upon a time at Christmas a friend and I pinched and elbowed ourselves all through the service because the preacher could not pronounce Christmas, and instead said “Hri-ma”.

Once upon a time a friend borrowed one rupee from me and I did not let her forget it.

Once upon a time my hostel roommate and I buried ourselves under the blanket, shaking with laughter. We found it funny that a fat roommate named Hema was oblivious to the fact that we called her Mahe behind her back and made jokes about her size.

Once upon a time I believed that all stories begin with “Once upon a time”.

Once upon a time I would read books before sleeping. Now I update myself with what my friends and their friends are doing and then go to sleep.

Once upon a time my friends and I packed ourselves in a friend’s car and went for a ride, singing many songs, out of which the only song I can remember now is “Baby you can drive my car”.

Once upon a time a friend and I would pretend that we were giants who lived in a snow-filled world.

Once upon a time I could sit down and without trying very hard write a blog post in 1, 2, 3.

Once upon a time a friend and I went searching for “Badam Ghar” (we were told that was the name). Turned out the actual name was Almond House (it was a sweet shop).

Once upon a time I could never make new friends easily. Things haven’t changed much.

Once upon a time I bought a lot of books which looked interesting. Many of them remain unread.

Once upon a time I decided I would be a great novelist and started a serial-type story in a new blog. Long story short, serial remains unfinished, writer busy with other things. (Also she ran out of ideas and was too lazy to pick up where she left).