Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Apple, The Banana and The Onion

Don’t you think the title should belong to one of the Narnia movies/stories? The Chronicles of Narnia: The Apple, The Banana and The Onion.

The other day I discovered a long-lost apple in the fridge. It must have been there for a couple of weeks, but it still looked good enough to eat. I felt it, it was still firm, and so I decided to eat it. Washed it, and cut it open. What I saw shocked me. The inside was completely black and rotten. So this is how "Rotten to the core" looks like, was the thought running through my head. Well, served me right for keeping it in the fridge for so long. I don't like apples very much and that particular one had been pushed to the corner for quite some time.

If I can't have an apple, at least let me eat a banana, I said, and took one banana from the kitchen shelf. The skin had started to turn black, and that put me off, slightly. But I peeled it and found that the banana was still good, no blemishes or any rotten parts to be found. It was delicious.

It was yet another day, I was cooking lunch/dinner what I don’t remember, when I noticed that some of the onions we bought had started to sprout. It was strange. They didn’t see sunlight, nobody watered them, they remained in the basket with all the other onions; but these three little onions had decided to change for the better and had sprouted.

So which one are we going to be? Looking good and perfect from the outside but rotten inside, like the apple. Or look imperfect and spoiled but with a heart of gold, like the banana. Or would we all take our lives in our hands and decide that whatever happens to me I will get something good out of it?


  1. I van goal mawi em!Zirtir anei tha hle mai. Mizo tawnga thuziah pawh i thiam hle e, pi Admin :)

    Ka blog pawh ah ka thlak leh ta mai.

  2. Good one! I wanna be the onion, its the best option :D BTW, purun hnah bawl hi avan tui tak.

  3. sekibuhchhuak - Zirtir nei deuh han ziah te hi a inthlahrunawm thin a chang chuan, mahni inen hian engmah hi kan ni si lo a.

    Zawhte no nei ang maiin i insawnkual vel chhen a ni maw.

    kuku - I think a cross between the banana and onion would be best (a hmel enin a tlawm na a etc etc), ni e purun sen hi chu a hnah pawh a zung pawh a tui vel vek e.

  4. I want to be part apple, part banana, part onion!

  5. onion onion onion....but sometimes i have a bit of the banana and a lil bit more of the apple in me....lal Aduh....thu i thiam ltkk.. angaihnom thei oooover!! happy new year..yeh dil maange many more articles

  6. J - Beautiful like the apple, goodhearted like the banana, and open to change like the onion. Good choice.

    Grace!! Nangmah lek! I username hi va mak teh duah ve!! Thanks for visiting, and for the lovely compliments. I guess we all are a bit of everything, all in one types.

  7. MMM I love fruits of all kinds,of course, not rotten ones.Cant believe you could leave them to rot.

  8. Helamah chuan chhungril lam hmel mawina aiin pawnlama lang thei hmel mawina kan duhin kan ngaisang zawk. Hmeltha, piannalh, sexy leh zei kan dah san ber chhung chuan chhunglam hmel mawina kan hmu thiam phak ngai lovang.

    Sap ho kan ngaihsan em em na chhan pawh hi an vun ngo vang chauh a nia sin.

    Aduhi nge nge, i thuziak a va han tha kher em ve le.

  9. Moral: Eat your fruits and vegies at the right time :)
    As for the choice between that apple and that banana, what about being like the apple outside and like the banana inside? Hehe!

  10. Aduh, if this is the situation, then I would like my exterior to look like a fresh apple, my inner qualities to taste like a delicious banana, and my aspirations to sprout out like the onions! ha ha! I sincerely appreciate your post!

  11. daniel - I love fruits, only problem is I buy them and don't eat them. Speaking of which I still have a few oranges from last week..

    caribou - I ti lawmawm thin e. Ni e chhungril thatna hian daih pawh a lo daih rei nge nge zawk thin e.

    mesjay & Maisek - Heheh clever choice! Just imagine how lovely the world would be if everyone was like that!

  12. Vegetable man sang lutuk vanga inhnialna news-ah a lang zing lutuk a, chuti lam hawi ka lo beisei ve ringawt a, i ziak tha leh hle si mai!! :P

  13. A va ril ta ruih ruih ve......I tho a deuh chu a ni lo maw?

  14. Alejendro - I thought you were an apple already, with the help of all those.. you know :P

    Zaia - Vegetables man sang lutuk hi maw lu a ti hai e. Sa hlir han ei dawn in a ninawm dawn bawk si. Buaithlak nih hi!

    ZRalte - Ril deuh hi asin ka nih aw, a ril dan chu thuk tak hi a ni ringawt. Nangni chuan in hrethiam pha ve lo ang.

  15. I beg to differ :-)

    Some onions look perfect from outside...dry and crispy skin, perfect peach-pinky colour, gleaming as if they are washed with the best salon-shampoo but actually are rotten inside. To top that, rotten onion smells worst than any other rotten vegetable!

    Some Apples, on the other hand, may have dents and dark spots on their skin but when you peel that outer skin, you'll find sweet, juicy, pure white flesh without any blemishes!

    Bananas are full of surprises: like you've mentioned, their skin maybe all black and unappetising but perfect inside. OR, just like it is on the outside, you can forget the inside...all black and icky.

    What I am trying to say is that, in life, you can't categorize personalities!

    ( kan sawi ve vel mai mai nih hi...i ziak thra lubuks tawp!!)

    i pi bmw

  16. Bridezilla!! What a name, bmw!!
    I heard your points, very good ones, and absolutely correct. But I also have a point to make.

    If you read the title (well the body too) of the post, you would notice I am talking about THE apple, THE banana and THE onion - a particular apple, a particular banana and a particular onion. Not the whole apples/bananas/onions family. I'm sure the fruits/vegetables I mentioned in my post would have millions of rotten relatives as you have correctly pointed out.

    Anyway, point is, be good inside and outside!

  17. Awi...bridezilla account hi hmanah, bride ka nih dawn vel laia ka siam a nia.. ka email add nen a lo in connect sia, a lo lang vuuu a nih khi!! lol