Thursday, April 16, 2009

got Klue?

Today is Election Day in AP, and the streets are awfully quiet. There was no more campaigning for the last 48 hours and it suddenly feels weird not having loudspeakers blasting day and night, not seeing party workers dressed in their party colours and roaming the streets and shouting slogans. The wine shops have all been closed since yesterday and that means the street below our balcony looks like any normal street. As I write this people are standing in long queues to vote for whomever they think is best to rule the country for the next five years, whomever they think will be the best player in this ridiculous game of power.

Speaking of games, have you heard of this online picture puzzle game Klueless? It is developed by IIM-Indore, I'm sure many of you might have heard of it because the first level, Klueless 1, was launched way back in 2005, a long long time ago in the online world. Like the slowpoke I am I discovered this game last night and I played it till my eyes closed on their own. It’s very interesting and addictive. Four levels have been launched in all, the links and the rules of the game are below. Enjoy the game, and if you have played it, please keep the answers to yourself. There are plenty of blogs and forums out there where Klueless is being discussed; you might want to hear what people said about it.

Rules of the game

Klueless 1

Klueless 2

Klueless 3

Klueless 4


  1. Hope the best ppl get elected. Oh, politics! You can't quite ignore it, but thinking about it makes you all edgy.

    As for the new game you mentioned, i guess i'm toooo clueless to play it. I've only played Solitaire, even Minesweeper's too sophisticated for me. That's how clueless i am.

  2. I went and cast my vote around 3. Too hot earlier.

    I remember you were a big fan of sudoku a few years ago. Me I never got the hang of it. Used to love crosswords years ago but the computor and internet and mobile phones have eaten up all my enthusiasm and time for that

  3. mesjay - yeah this time around let's hope the people who are actually good get elected. Love it or hate it, you just can't ignore politics.

    Try out the games, it's really very simple. All it takes is a little bit of using the grey cells, which I know you've got plenty of.

    J- I didn't know it was also election day out there, called my sis up and she said yeah it's a holiday but there's no hungama.

    Still love sudoku, still play it on my fone whenever I have nothing to do (like if I'm in the doctor's waiting room). I even thought of competing in the Times Sudoku competition but it was at 8 in the morning :) and also I'm not that good.

  4. In Mizoram there are no more campaign with loud speakers at nights, and during daytime the sound is neglible. Its been a quite election.
    This is the first time i heard about the game you've mentioned. My patience would betray me anyway.

  5. Yes you need to be very patient because it can get very frustrating when you don't get it right the at first, second, third.....nth try.

  6. im absolutely clueless about the goddess name....i tried all the deity names i know..hehe
    and btw...what do u mean by "snatches of sanity"

  7. I'll give you a hint: look at the url.

    Imagine that you are living under a thick black cloud that suffocates and oppresses you, and imagine the joy you'd feel if this cloud was lifted, even for a brief stretch of time, and you catch a glimpse of the blue sky, a little snatch of sunshine. Well sometimes life leaves you completely insane and mad except for a few brief moments of sanity, snatches of sanity.