Sunday, April 12, 2009


• Cool nights
• Juicy mangoes
• Sudden showers
• Dripping ice cream cones
• Wearing fewer clothes
• Great hair, great skin
• Lime soda
• The smell of the sun on freshly washed bed sheets
• Long days
• Midnight trips to highway dhabas
• Coconut water
• Predawn moments
• Vacations
• Bare feet
• Swimming pools and water parks
• Lassi
• Watching terrible movies just to escape from the heat
• Sleeping on the terrace
• Movie marathons
• Ice cubes
• Power cuts
• White clothes
• Holiday flings
• Window shopping at air conditioned malls
• Watching the sunrise
• Going to sleep after sunrise
• Kulfi
• Dust
• Weekend getaways
• Holi
• Blossoming gulmohar trees
• Dreaded exam results
• Watermelon
• Going home and enjoying the mountain breeze
• Going home and feeling cold because it’s raining cats and dogs
• Going home and meeting old friends you haven’t seen in years
• Going home and doing nothing for two weeks
• Going home and never wanting to leave again
• Going home and feeling suffocated and out of place

I'm not going home this summer.

P.S. I cannot stop laughing over this -



  1. *Watching terrible movies just to escape from the heat* :D Ditto! But I always worry about the heat that must emanate from the TV and I always feel like I'm making the heat worse and therefore feel partly guilty - same for having my computer on..

  2. lol stop feeling guilty... I don't think the heat generated by a single TV or computer would contribute much to this godawful heat. Anyways you must be using fan/cooler/ac and that would nicely balance the heat emanating from yout TV/computer.

  3. ambs, if you hadn't added all the whatchamacallits before each line, this would've made a great poem! I just had lots of pieces of sweet, dripping, ice-cooled watermelons today. Now that's what I call summer :)

  4. Poem? It never crossed my mind. I've never been poetically inclined, I belong more to the easy-to-read-nice-and-neat school of thought, hence the bullet points. But if you think it would make a great poem, then a poem it is!

  5. A lengthy list.. ah where's the sunscreen with spf..... Summer, ah its a wonderfull time, life seems to spring up from their winter sleep. I love the rain.

  6. ouch completely forgot to include sunscreen. I cannot live a day without my SPF 26.

  7. wow... a summer time indeed. And all the pleasantries of summer at that too. Its boiling hot over here already.

    Ps. Me not going home this summer either. Shifted my leave to winter instead.

    Pps. Holi????? How old is this article? :-)

  8. I know Holi is celebrated at the end of winter, and that it's a spring festival, but I kind of associate it with the beginning of summer, so up it goes in the list.

    And the article is... let me see... 2 and a half days old as I type this. Actually I started making this list last summer but it was forgotten and I dug it up recently so here it is.

  9. ...not to forget decreased frequency of bathroom breaks! why even mornings' are slow.....

  10. Exactly! You don't have that pressing need to visit the loo every hour.

  11. forgot to mention something! "SAVAWM":)

  12. lol.... tunlai savawm chu maw... sakei!