Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shot Full Of Synonyms

When you right-click on a word in MS Word it gives you many options such as Cut, Copy, Paste etc. I was typing something today, and found that one such option was Synonyms. Then it occurred to me that I could take a song and substitute almost every word with one of its synonyms. The first song that came to my mind was Don Williams's "Shot Full Of Love." So below is my synonymised version of Shot Full Of Love.

Once upon a time I had a sensitivity icy as hoarfrost
Ardor to me was no more than enjoyment
I'd construct a scratch for every conked out spirit
Resembling notches on the handle of a firearm

Some time ago I had a ruse up my sheath
As well as a standing all over the municipality
I was callous and arctic anywhere I set out
I clouted down each juvenile lass I came across

Fair enough, I used to be a moonlight brigand
I used to be a calamity youngster
Subsequently I encountered you and after that incident I knew
There I was, oh, explosion chock-a-block with devotion

Well, who would have contemplated that a big shot akin to you
Could put up with a thug like me
Nevertheless, oh at this point I am as docile as mutton
My hemorrhaging heart in attendance at your base


  1. "I was callous and arctic anywhere I set out
    I clouted down each juvenile lass I came across"

    LMWAO!!! This is soooo funny ambs, and it's soooo you!!!!

  2. hehe you should have seen me while I was typing it, I almost fell off my chair laughing. glad you appreciated it.

  3. Hehe very VERY creative...

    tha tawp!!! :-D

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  5. ka duh lutuksss. ka print tops!!! poi m? copyright chu i nei thovang. teaching aid ah ka hmang dawnnnn!!!!! shows what happens when you play around with words....