Friday, August 17, 2007

No regrets

My dear friend J wants me to write about my dreams, schemes and woolly skeletons in the cupboard.

I was never much of a dreamer, as in goals, wishes and aims (of course I dream when I sleep). I just live my life as it comes. I made many mistakes along the way but I am not complaining; my motto in life is "No regrets". I want to be self-sufficient, have lots of dogs, and live peacefully. I don't want to have to depend on anyone for anything, or be helpless. Of course there are things which are beyond my control like accidents, sickness, death etc. I wish I never have to report to anyone again in order to earn my livelihood. I wish life was simple and easy, without worry and stress.

Maybe I should turn Amish and live in a farm without electricity and mobile phones and irritating doorbells that ring as soon as you step inside the bathroom, and hopefully away from pesky salesmen and beggars who beg in the name of religion. I would never have to worry again about my salary, income tax, overdue rent, promotions, targets, deadlines, overtime, traffic jams. No more will I debate on the length of this season's jeans, or if it's flared or skinny or cut-off or torn or dark or light-coloured or sequined or flowered or low-rise or high-waisted or adorned with chains and other metallic things. I would not have to spend my hard-earned money anymore on shampoos, conditioners, conditioning shampoos, body scrub, body wash, body exfoliator, nail polish, nail polish remover, post-nail-polish-remover-nail-conditioner, bath oil, baby oil, body oil, hair oil, face mask, mud mask, detoxifying mask, spot mask, cooling eye mask, eye make-up, false eyelashes, eyelash curler, hair removal wax, foundation, blusher, blusher brushes, mascara, concealer stick, lipstick, lip gloss, moisturiser, sun protection factor moisturiser, extra moisturising moisturiser, light moisturiser, day moisturiser, night moisturiser. What kind of shoes I wear be it stilettos, sandals, flip flops, sneakers, trainers, open toed, wedges, pointed, rounded, platforms, or biker boots, it would all be a thing of the past. The list is endless.But please don't imagine for a moment that I would be running around naked from the waist down. I would still be myself, gadget-free, unemployed, happy, stress-free, fresh-air-breathing, sensible-clothes-wearing, un-madeup, surrounded by my pets.

But deep down in my heart I am a pessimist.

Do you know the number of farmers who commit suicide every year due to crop failure or debt or both? I don't know either, but I know it's an alarmingly big figure.

But I'm still allowed to dream, right?

So let's dream on.

Let's say I'm not the debt-incurring, suicide-committing type of farmer. Better yet, let's say I'm not a farmer at all. Living in a farm does not automatically make me a farmer, because I don't farm. I'm not against hard labour, or hard work. In fact, I'm pro-hardwork. Support the cause and all that. Whatever you do, work hard and be the best. Get rich (or at least self sufficient) and retire, even if it takes almost all of your life to do so.

Maybe that's my aim in life.


  1. Funny you should mention the Amish because I've also sometimes thought that must be such an idyllic lifestyle. No stress, no rush, no keeping up with the Joneses. But then again there's probably a lot of unseen tensions that you and I don't know about. I never knew you liked dogs btw...we have 5...had 9 at one time!
    Ok so much for the dreams and schemes. Now what about the woolly skeletons?

  2. Five dogs!! Must be quite a handful. I knew you'd ask about the skeletons. Didn't Jesus say "Let the dead past bury its dead." Shouldn't we, as good Christians, follow His teaching? :D

  3. Let's find you someone to publish your literary ramblings.....You are quite a writer.....(like I didn't know before)

    Loving it girl, loving it

  4. thanks girlfriend. flattery is always welcome.