Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm not titled

Do I have to put a title every time I post something? It is a big inconvenience, time consuming and baffling. It irritates me no end. It gives me the impression/feeling that someone somewhere is analysing/checking/monitoring my posts and the appropriateness of the titles. Can't life on the blogosphere go on void of all the funny/witty/sad/poignant/thoughtful/meaningless titles that are floating around? I am bad with titles, just as I am bad with names. To quote whats-his-name, "A rose by any other name will smell just as sweet." Will a rose without a name smell just as sweet? Or maybe sweeter? I know titles give a sense of identity, of uniqueness, of this-is-like-no-other-thing, but I think I can live without them, at least here in the blogworld. That doesn't mean that all my future posts are going to be untitled, but in the event that I cannot think of any, I mean any title, then I would assert my constitutional right to freedom-to-untitle-my-posts and you, dear reader, will see the post in all its untitled glory. I think I am entitled to do that.


  1. a title a tan ka rawn thlan chu "Engmahlo mai a lo ni" tih a ni. Ka lawm e. Ziakthiam thin hle mai.

  2. thanks sawmte. i thlan fuh hmel khop mai.