Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nice leh Nice lo

  1. Sam posi fuh deuh.
  2. Sunshine after weeks of damp.
  3. Getting a window seat on the bus and feeling the cold morning air on your face.
  4. Chaw ei loh pawha riltam miah loh.
  5. Remembering something funny.
  6. A long forgotten song playing on the radio [eg East 17's Stay Another Day].
  7. Walking past a bakery and the smell of freshly baked bread and other bakery stuff filling the air.

Not Nice:
  1. Sam pawh ngil hnu lo to kir leh bup.
  2. Bitter chocolate.
  3. Pheikhawk sang bun zeilo deuh.
  4. Rawngbawl laklawh laia gas zo.
  5. The smell of stale cigarette smoke.
  6. Children calling you Aunty.
  7. The neighbourhood ogler.
  8. Thenawmte naute a nu in tuktin a tap tuar tuar khawpa a bual thin.

The list is not finished, not by a long shot. May come up with Part 2, or I may not. Wait and watch.


  1. I nice ho khi chu a nice vek. Mahse bitter chocolate aia duh ka nei lo kei chu. Pheikhawk sang bun zei lo deuh hi chu nice lo tak a ni.

  2. Zakkha rim leh pheikhawk uih rim hi a nice lo ka ti......

  3. diary - I like my chocolate with wafers and nuts and whatnot, bitter leh lutuk hi chu ka ti thei lo.

    caribou - I hre nice lo tha khawp mai!

  4. Hahahaha.. Leh ta mai mai thin chuan!

  5. Caribou sawi khi ka tawmpui e hairehai yuk

  6. Nice lo. Inkhawm dawna ruahsur leh tuihawk dai purh purh a, kekawr tlang huh chup a inkhawm.

  7. Hahaha daniel chu thlawh fuh lutuk. Tuihawk dai hi chu naupan lai chiahin a nuam.

    Sangpuiipa, TSa leh HV - A dang rawn thawh ve ula?

  8. Not Nice:

    1. lolz, happens to me too. Hate it

    2. Hets, I loveee bitter chocolate. Dont say anything bad about it okay? :D In fact, I love it more than liquor chocolates, which is my second favorite.

    3. lolz

    4. Haha... agree!

    5. I don't/can't smell it :D

    6. Totally agree! I hate it when children call me Aunty too. :D

    7. I don't have that neighbor.

    8. I don't have that neighbor.

  9. Aunty Kima chu.. hahha Bread bake rim hi chu nun hi a tihlim a ni.

  10. Nice:
    Sas-te chhungte'n 'Lo leng sela..' an tih hi.
    Not Nice:
    Lennaa êk chhuak sek.

  11. Ziak ve turin min ti bawk a khawinge hairehai :)


    1. Kawm thin rualte thovin "Pu HV" min ti thin hi.

    2. Nupui fanaute thil leisak duhna rilruk neih a pawisa lam indaih loh bawk si hi.

    3. Upat tulh tulh mai hi!

    4. Hunlo taka vawih chhuak.

    5. Inkhawm ve tum a, "I van fel ve, ilo inkhawm VE ani maw," min tih hian. Heta "Ve" tih hi a mawilo ka ti thlawt.

    6. Laklawh laia kawngna chhuak ( an ti tlat) hairehai


    1. Hna neih

    2. Chhungte ka thlazar hnuaia lungmuang taka an awm hi.

    3. Mizo nih hi.

    4. Kawm thlaka miten min ngai ve thin hi.

    5. Internet awm hi.