Monday, September 5, 2011

I Disappear

One of the most terrifying things in the world, I think, is disappearing. I don’t mean disappearing as being physically out of sight. It’s more about being forgotten, disappearing from people’s memory, not being remembered, being lost among all the wires and electric signals and forgotten things in somebody’s brain. Somewhat like being stuffed in a box with all the other useless things and pushed to a corner and forgotten and one day someone will discover the box and ask the owner “Who is this person?” and the person will rack his brains and try to recall who you are and why you were in the box and he might say “Oh just someone I used to know” or he might be embarrassed and start lying in all directions but it wouldn’t change anything because you had been in the box all that time. 

And so we try to attract attention, in all the ways we know. We dress outrageously, paint our faces, wear flashy watches and shoes and drive noisy vehicles. We talk and laugh loudly and drown everyone with our opinions and play our music right in their faces. 

And we go online and tell the world what we did every waking minute of our lives. And not being content with that, we blog and ask everyone to read it. 

But after all this, nobody thinks about us as much as we hoped or feared because they are all too busy obsessing over themselves! Hahaha! 

Stupid post, I know, now you can go and check out my photoblog at wordpress. :)


  1. Not because of any other thing but that was what i use to be. Nobody wants to talk to me, they'll look at me and make fun of me from my back. That was all because i was a drug addict, i was nobody, i was like thin air....

    Nobody wants to believe i was trying to live a better and changed life. They'd whisper,"He'll never change," but i prove them wrong. So wrong now a whole bunch of them asked for my help already. I remember who laugh and make fun of me when i need help the most.

  2. Mission Impossible II a Metallica hla "I disappear" lam kha a ni dawn emaw ka tia :D

    Mahse i sawi nen chuan a in ang deuh tho...

    Do you bury me when I'm gone?
    Do you teach me while I'm here?
    Just as soon as I belong, then it's time I disappear

    With the internet revolution, no one can really disappear now. Just Google Search that person :D Like you said, people spend their time online doing all these stuff. And if you have made enough impact online, you will never disappear :)

  3. I hate to disagree with you on your own blog, but it's NOT a stupid post, and I guess it's more toward "forgotten" or "indifference" or "invisible" than "disappearance".
    People don't just disappear (unless in the US-Mexican Border - NOI), but they do become "forgotten".. It is kinda scary to NOT be recognized or remembered by anyone, you may even start doubting yourself.. (Storyline of many Hollywood flicks, latest being - "Unknown")
    I guess the group of people who fear this the worst would probably be Celebrities. :P

  4. Rawn lang leh ta hlawl. You never disappear in my thought. :-P

  5. Recently I've been thinking how lovely it would be to 'disappear',cos everybody wants my time, boss at work, church, home etc.But,then I think how horrible it would be if no one take notice of me, or want me for anything. Therefore,I'm learning to cope with things the way they are.

  6. It is said that the advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time… lets hope we experience the same thing when they disappear from our mind! ehh...

  7. I think this is something to do with the philosophy of life. I really like the way you wrote....

  8. HV - The important thing is that you changed for the better and have made a new life for yourself. What's gone is gone, and I think it's best to let go of the past.

    Mizohican - I was thinking of a title and that song just came into my head, though I have never listened to it. The lyrics you quoted are quite apt.

    Yes, with the Internet completely taking over our lives it's impossible to disappear. But will you remain in the minds and hearts of others?

    blackestred - "A celebrity is someone who tries to be famous all his/her life, and then hides behind dark glasses"

    I agree that the words you pointed out are more suited for this post, but I think "disappear" has its own uniqueness. And this one such post which from time to time we write in a matter of minutes and publish without a second thought.
    The thing you said about being not recognised or remembered by anyone is VERY scary, it's like you don't exist anymore. Identity thefts come to mind.

  9. Alejendro - Haha nia rawn lang leh zeuh a nih hi.

    daniel - Maybe you should think about cloning yourself so you can be available to everyone.

    Maisek - Good idea. But let's pray that we relive only the good experiences and forget the bad ones forever.

    Krista - Thank you! Well.. you can say it's a very weird philosophy, but something which can happen to any of us.