Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Glue

Have you ever been in a friendship with two or more people, when one of them goes away and the friendship suddenly falls apart? I have. We thought we were a happy bunch of friends until one day for some reason a member of the group has to leave, and for those left behind there was suddenly nothing left to say. All we could talk about was that missing person and the good times we had. And the friendship dies a slow death, until we became mere acquaintances who nod and say hello on the occasions we meet.

The same thing would apply for families, I guess. Someone in the family dies and the other members simply retreat into their own shells. A huge void springs up which nothing or no one else can fill, and each member finds his or her own way to fill that empty space inside them.

You might be thinking, what a load of rubbish, but trust me it’s true. There are certain people who possess this charm, or shall we say charisma, allure, magnetism, whatever you call it, that people just flock to them. They attract people. They are the ones who always have a crowd around them, the ones who make friends without any effort at all, and the ones people remember after the first meeting.  I call them the glues. They are the glue that binds friendships, that holds families together, that makes things whole. And we all know what happens when glue loses its stickiness. Things come loose, fall apart, get lost, and finally become forgotten. People drift apart, lose their love and affection, and eventually become strangers.

So am I implying that people are divided into glues and non-glues, and that the non-glues are colourless, boring, uninteresting people who have absolutely no attraction? No! Life is not all black and white. I think most of our lives are spent in the grey area, deciding what to do, which way to go, and who to follow. Sure, there will be people who are charming and attractive, but that doesn’t make you any less charming or unattractive. You will come across people who are magnets, but that doesn’t mean you are a rusty iron rod either. We all have elements of glueyness in us. Each one of us is charming, attractive, interesting in our way. You may sometimes think of yourself as quite ungluey but you never know, for someone you might be the ultra sticky super glue that binds them to you!

A cheesy line – to the world you are someone, but to someone you are the world.


  1. Never heard of gluey and ungluey people before though I've heard a lot about extroverts and introverts! But ok, I know what you're yamming on about. I'm the ungluey type myself, sadly. Never been the kind to shimmer schwimmer in a crowd. But at the same time I don't think I'm a rusty iron rod either *scratches head* So cheers to the cheesy line, that's a face-saver.

  2. In our life time, we can have friends that comes and goes (if i may say)... friends can be changed but we can only have one father and one mother in our lifetime. So cherish them, appreciate them an tell them how much you care for them and love them.

    People tell their parents/family members how mch they care for them/love them only after they died. It make sense to tell them when they're still around.

  3. Calliopia - I know the post is confusing and contradicting. I've never considered myself to be the gluey type, still don't, but trying to slowly change that opinion, hence the post, which is as confusing as this comment, so all I will say in reply in "Thank God for cheesy lines!"

    HV - Rightly said. We spend most of our lives finding fault with our parents and family members instead of appreciating them for providing us with food and shelter and giving us education and most of all for loving us unconditionally.

  4. daniel - a big tube of another Glueless-stick here!

  5. "The Glue" - Had I been 15 years old, I would laugh at that.... wait. I still am :D

    And of course I had my fair experience of people who are "glue material" and those who are now, so I totally understand what you're talking about.

  6. I get the idea. I've strayed away from a couple of guys with whom we used to party like no tomorrow, cos' the glue guy left.. but I think the glue guy never considers himself a glue.. I like to think that I am the glue in some friendships, but I would never really know.. We are all glue, the world is simply one big ball of gooey gluey glue... Have a gluey day!

  7. Most of my friendships are ones wherein the adhesive never gets dry from lack of use. I think I'm the weak link, and Im thankful that I have gluey friends who haul me off my ass and force me to meet them, and even after weeks, months even, have elapsed, it seems like only yesterday that we last saw each other. Without my glues, Id be just a non-sticky rolling stone that gathers no moss...