Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think I was around 2 years old when I collided into a neighbour’s moving Jeep.  The issue of whether I crashed into or it crashed into me was never resolved. According to eyewitness reports (my mother’s) I was eating a fruit in the road of the road and did not see the vehicle, subsequent to which it hit me and knocked me down. Multitasking capabilities were not yet developed, evidently. Now I can skillfully dodge a dozen vehicles coming from four directions while speaking on the phone and carrying an umbrella with one hand and a soft drink with the other hand. Ok let’s get back to the story. I got hit, but I don’t remember it at all, maybe because I was not seriously hurt. My mother said I became afraid of all automobiles after that incident, so she spent one whole morning taking me back and forth on a bus ride between Thakthing and Kulikawn. That supposedly cured me, but I don’t remember it either.

Sometimes I’d have this feeling that I would get hit by a vehicle while crossing the road, and I would lie there all bloody and mangled and they would have to identify me from my IDs and it would be very embarrassing if I wear ugly underwear and the casualty staff will have a good laugh at my expense. And I don’t know which one would be more horrible – drowning or being burnt to death. That’s why I'm mighty glad that my ancestors were not in the wizarding profession. I don’t think I would find being burnt at the stakes much entertaining.

Remember the 90s? Before the age of the Internet? When if we want the lyrics of a song we would listen to the song very very carefully, ears glued to the speaker, pause and stop and rewind and play and write down the lyrics? And you know how we remember certain days, certain people, and certain incidents more vividly than others? Well, one such incident was when a friend and I spent a considerable amount of time copying the lyrics of Def Leppard’s When Love and Hate Collide. Beautiful song, I still listen to it now and then, and always think of that old friend.

Can love and hate really collide? Maybe. Otherwise why would so many people write about it in songs and poems and books and movie scripts? But can you really hate someone who loves you? Hate is a very strong word. You may dislike, but hate? Unless that same person wronged you terribly, hurt you and your loved ones, brought about your financial ruin, and destroyed your reputation, I think it must be a very strong dislike we are talking about. We hate our enemies, not people who love us.

You are walking on the road, or in the office/school/apartment corridor, and someone walks towards you. You decide, I will walk past this person on the right, but that person has decided to walk towards his left. So what happens, you both move in the same direction. A second of awkwardness, then you both decide to take corrective action and move together in the opposite direction again. More awkwardness, until finally someone laughs and stops and the other person takes a step forward and you happily turn your backs on each other. And sometimes you turn a corner and suddenly collide into someone and you both say a hasty “Sorry” and go on.

Let me leave you with this song, Howie Day's Collide.


  1. Duh thlan tur ni ta se 'Burnt to death' hi ka duh lo fe zawk e. Hotunu nge nge, ziak tha leh khawp mai.

  2. Ugly underwear hak te chu i tihdan phung ve reng emaw an ti ang :D

    I ziak ngaihnawm e.

  3. caribou - Kei chu duh ka thlang duh lo! Tuihak hi a hrehawm dawn e, burnt to death lah hi a na dawn si!

    HV - Chu chu lawm hlauhawm, englai pawha ha ugly emaw min lo ti ang tih kha.

  4. The opposite of love is hate, definitely not dislike. That's way too tame a feeling for someone you loved who left you devastatingly hurt.

  5. J - The opposite of love can be many things, methinks. Like I mentioned in the main text, if that individual had inflicted some mental and emotional and maybe physical hurt of gigantic proportions, a wound deeper than words can define, yes I would hate that person. But we don't necessarily hate someone who loves us and who we do not love in return. What we feel for them is dislike (like the way you dislike the way someone talks, or walks, or laughs), or indifference (when you neither hate nor love nor dislike - you just don't care).

  6. Good Friday's coming up, wchich sums up all the loves and hates in the world.Jesus did not hate Judas for what he did, because he knew that was what God had planned. Taking His cue, one can love another who might hate you, so when love and hate collide, its always Love that wins.

  7. I thil min hnutchhiah ber kher chu :)

  8. daniel - when love and hate collide, it's always Love that wins

    I like!! It is in the lines of Love thy enemies which I fear would be impossible for me to do, but then again I don't have that any enemies that I recall. Still, I believe it is important to love and forgive those who we think have wronged us.

    Vaiva - Fahrahin ka kalsan lo ang che u. Uluk deuh khan lo ngaithla mai mai teh.

  9. "That's what happened when two worlds collide"

  10. LOL at the ugly underwear and the whole embarrassing business. I always have that fear about public accidents too - not so much about the accident itself but of being unconscious while people gawk at you (and your underwear). Hmm burning vs drowning. I'm scared shit of both, and I have many nightmares about drowning but but not so much about burning, but if I had to pick, I'd still pick drowning. I think it involves less pain. And don't get me started on the copying song lyrics...good days

  11. collide tih ka hmu chiah a, ma rilruah colbie caillat a lo lang ringawt mai...tuma thiam loh a ni lo.

  12. Alejendro - What two worlds are you talking anout? Did your world collide with someone else's? I hope you came out winning.

    Jerusha - Yes, that sounds downright embarrassing, people gawking at your unconscious self (but how can it be embarrassing when you are not aware of it, huh?)

    enga018 - Thanks for visiting!! Colbie Caillat i rilrua lo lang chu ka hrethiam e, a zaithiam em a ni. Ka'n ngaithla nghal nghe nghe teh ang.

  13. Your world was made up of things sweet and good
    My world could never fit in, wish it could
    Two heart's lie in shambles and though how we'd cried
    That's what happens when two world's collied

  14. Alejendro - Don't feel sad. Time heals all wounds.

  15. Your world was so different from mine, don't you see?
    We just couldn't be close though we tried
    We both reached for heavens but ours weren't same
    That's what happens when two worlds collide