Friday, May 14, 2010

This and that

I love playlists. You could add only the songs you want to listen to, arrange them in the order you want, remove a song from the list if you get bored of it, create a new list any time you want, and permanently delete a list. If only life was like a playlist!

I am not the type to rant and rave but I do have my share of things that irk me no end. One of them is newspapers not folded properly. Finicky, you say. Maybe I am. I hate it when I try to read a newspaper and find that it is messily folded, and that too somewhere in the middle page. How much time does it take to return to the first page and then fold it? And another thing I don’t like in newspapers is the single sports page they inserted at the very last page. If you are like me and read a newspaper back to front, you open the back page and immediately this loose sheet falls out, every time!!! Not good, not good at all. Causes hairfall and scratched scalps, and induces hatred for sports.

Another thing that really tests my patience is those cellotape things bread people use for tying up a pack of bread. You know what I mean, twist the polythene cover into a spiral, run the cellotape around it a couple of times, and paste a small piece of paper on the ends so the tape doesn’t stick to everything around it. A grand idea, but not so grand when it comes to the opening part. Yes, I've heard of scissors, but what I want to do is tear off the tiny itsy bitsy piece of paper, and then unravel the tape. Not as easy as it sounds. And definitely not fun.

Traffic police. One job I hope I never apply for, no matter how tough times get and even if I fall into the lowest pit of desperation. Why is that so? Firstly I don’t think the neon jackets would look good on me. Secondly I cannot stand for long hours. Thirdly I don’t like being in the public eye. Fourthly I don’t think I could remember whose turn it is to go and may add mayhem to the existing one, which is the best way I could describe our Indian traffic. But don’t get me wrong. I respect the police and I admire traffic policemen. They are very important and one can only imagine the chaos that would ensue on the roads if all the traffic policemen quit. Half of the traffic signals don’t work and you know how Indian drivers are. Give me a half inch of space and I would move forward. Other drivers coming from the other three directions? No worries, if I am the first to occupy that half inch I would be the first to leave this chaotic scene. Only problem is, the other three drivers think the same way. The rest I leave to your imagination.

There is something else I want to write, but I cannot remember what it is. Oh well you can’t win them all.


  1. LOL it must be super hot in Hyderabad the way ambs is venting :D

  2. This week saw the hottest temperature the city has seen in the last ten years, a nice 44.5. Luckily it rained last night, temp dropped a wee bit, which makes me very happy because the weekend is here and baking in an oven for two days is not my idea of fun at all.

  3. That thing with the newspaper I start from the end too but what I hate is the latest style of newspaper where the last page, which is also joined with the frist page, is half in front(I am talking about The Times of India) and so when I turn the last page holding the newspaper it always, petulantly, fell again and again though how hard I try. So is the sellotape case. And that drivers coming in all directions and aiming to get away first will always remain a problem unsolved in India. Plus their horning habit. They know they have to wait till the light turns green but they just like to keep on horning.

    Tiny little things that pissed us off...

  4. Ah yes how could I forget that halved first page, and which is always an ad? Highly irritating. A few days ago when it was World Heart Day or something Times of India put a special "heart" special on the first page where they substituted each O with a red heart sign. That was cute though.

  5. O Yes..!! That I noticed too. May be because it was a heart sign and red in colour. After all red has the longest wavelength.