Monday, May 17, 2010

Russian Roulette

A crazy game invented by a bunch of crazy people looking for fun and adventure. Supposedly invented by Russian prison guards who were probably bored out of their skulls and decided to place bets on who among the prisoners would be the lucky winner to get the bullet in the head. Notice that the guards didn’t play the game themselves. How cruel is that? And the game came to be played by fools who saw it as some kind of bravery test. How stupid can one get? If you want to die, kill yourself in some other way where there are no chances of failure. I wonder what the player must be thinking as he put the gun to his head. Lord please don’t let the gun go off, but I have to do this because I don’t want to look like a weak person. Remember The Deer Hunter, where the players were drugged out of their senses and made to play the game? Very sad movie. I hoped that Christopher Walken’s character would not die in the end, I wanted him to get up and walk out, but he played and lost. Very disturbing scene.

Why do people commit suicide? Did they completely lose faith in themselves, in others and in the world? Did they just get tired of living? Some people kill themselves because they wanted to hurt their loved ones, the people closest to them. And I guess some did it to escape the shame and disgrace, to save face. Whatever be the reason, suicide doesn’t solve anything. You take your own life and in doing so booked yourself on the direct train to hell and eternal damnation; you hurt your loved ones and make them ask “What did we do wrong?” There is nothing glamorous in it. And I think it is a cowardly act. Things go wrong, you become sad and depressed, you think life is not worth living and that nobody cares about you. It happens to everyone, we all go through times like that. But look at the bright side, there is no place to go but up. Things can only get better. If you think that nothing will ever become right again, you cannot be more wrong. Give yourself time, be patient, and sooner or later the sun will shine on you again.


  1. last year i asked a bunch of students if they knew what Russian Roulette was and they said its a Rihanna song, and some said its a Russian pistol!
    i too have been trying to imagine what goes on inside the heads of suicidal people, and i cant imagine the kind of darkness that would drive them towards taking that step.

  2. Try Chatroulette, based on this same principle. Its AMAZINGGGGGG. Sometimes NSFW though. :D

  3. I know this game, tho' never knew it was called this, in fact, never bothered to know the name until now. Thanks for the info.
    I've imagined what it would be like play it, to hold a gun to your head not knowing whether you would blow it off, or watch your opponent blow his, it is kinda pretty enticing. But to really do it takes extreme stupidity which many mistake for bravery.
    I like the part in movies where the hero, after the 2nd round, aims the gun at the villain instead and splatter his brains.. Genius!:P

  4. @illusionaire - i chatroulette tawh elaw? I awm vel dan tur ka hre mai. Hetah hi chuan ka sawi lang lovang.

    @aduhi - naupan laiin silai lem hmangin Russian Roulette hi thiante nen kan khel thin. Nuam ve raps.

    Russian Roulettte joke tha deuh ka hria mahse ka hrechhuak zo lo. "bam" mai mai.

  5. e chuan Suicide lampang in tui zawng (hehe) a nih chuan The Bridge tih documentary movie hi en rawh u. Hmuhnawm tak ani.

  6. Darkling I listen; and for many a time
    I have been half in love with easeful Death,
    Called him soft names in many a mused rhyme,
    To take into the air my quiet breath;
    Now more than ever seems it rich to die,
    To cease upon the midnight with no pain...

    There've been a number of times when I've wildly wondered if it won't all be easier to just quit. The only thing that stops me is the little voice inside that says it's contrary to God's law. So while I know it's wrong and a bad, bad decision to make, I can empathise with those who do it. Will def check out your link, mostafa ma boy.

  7. Keipawn ka sawi lo mai ang Chatroullete a ka phawk dan che kha @Mosa.

  8. I used to think grave is where we ended, but it's just a beginning.

  9. ku2 – I am not surprised that your students didn’t know what Russian Roulette is, remember how we were at their age.
    I think suicide requires a certain degree of madness, of blindness to everything around you, being unaffected by anything else

    Kima – I looked up Chatroulette, and I am glad to say it’s something I'm not eager to try. It must be full of exhibitionists and perverts, and definitely NSFW.

    blackestred – I used to know the name, but never knew how it was played until a few years ago. It looks exciting in theory, but I don’t think I’ll ever be brave (read foolish) enough to play, not for all the gold in India.

  10. Mos-a – Keini chu kan naupan lai chuan mau phek hi silai lemah kan hmang a kan in thengkah thin. Russian Roulettte joke chu i hrechhuak tawh em?
    Suicide lam tih chu ka tuizawng pawh a ni chiah chuang lova mahse i movie sawi chu lo en ve tur anih hi.

    J – Your poem reminds me of Dracula, very vampirish. I think at some point of time we’ve all thought about giving it all up, but the important thing is that we don’t act on it. Maybe it’s the little voice of conscience, or the fear of going to hell, or just being too scared to actually do it. I belong to the camp that believes that we can’t give life so we have no right to take anyone’s life.

    Kima & Mos-a – Nangni pahnih hi in lo Chatroulette vel anih duh hmel, in hmuhnawm ngawt ang. En in chakawm.

    Alejendro – Yes, death is the beginning, that’s what The Bible tells us.

  11. I declined the idea of suicide after reading "Veronica Decides to Die" hehe....:P

  12. Kym - I haven't read Veronika Decides to Die, but it looks interesting. Funny thing is, The Alchemist is so far the only Paulo Coelho book I've read. His other books are also bestsellers for some unknown reason I don't feel like reading them. Maybe I don't like things that are too popular.

  13. Huis! Thih hlauh nak alai a mahni inthah hi cu aww..I guess we'll never know for sure what exactly it is that triggers people to take such an extreme measure, but me if I was to kill myself, I think I would most likely do it if I have been shamed and disgraced.

    Chatroulette chu an lo va hrat hlawm tawh ve. Pu Kima sawi hi tlemin a dik lo, it's not only sometimes it seems, but most times :P

  14. Jerusha - Nun ning, thih hlau!! Buaithlak ania awww...

  15. I wasn't planning to commit suicide but thanks for the advice any way. Hey, only now i notice your blog design is very Canadian, and i'm in Canada right now, reading your blog from Windsor.

  16. mesjay - Yeah the maple leaf and all that. You must be enjoying the crispy spring air over there while we are sweating bucketloads here. Oh and don't commit suicide :)

  17. Now, more than ever, seems it rich to die.... hehehe!Only joking.