Sunday, September 2, 2007

Page Eighteen

One of my most favourite Sunday afternoon pastimes is reading the Sunday newspaper, especially the Times of India, especially Page 18, especially a column titled Jugular Vein, written by a humorous and insightful columnist Jug Suraiya. Page 18 also features Shobhaa De, Bachi Karkaria, and sometimes Shashi Tharoor. Today's piece by Jug Suraiya was titled Status Co, a true but funny article about how committees take forever to decide something/come to a conclusion/take action. The last paragraph ran thus:

In the meantime, I've learnt to recite the Gayatri Mantra of all Committee, and even sub-Committee, members:
Our Committee which art in quorum
Procrastination be thy game
Thy agenda come, thy nil be done
On earth as it is in eternity
Give us this day our daily delay
And forgive us our progresses
As we forgive those who progress despite you
And lead us not into completion
But deliver us from decision
For thine is the vacillation
The red tape and the veto
For ever and ever

Read the full article here


  1. well good that you read :-)Hoping to see a lecture on guide committee to HMA from you. Hehe

  2. NIce piece

    I'm glad that we are not roommates!!!LOL!!!

    Though i'm not sure bout the page number, that editorial page Of TOI was always my fav page too- even on weekdays. I love the Brief Case/Devil;s advocate section.. and on sunday ...Jugular view, Shobha De's and Freakonomics

    Jug's was a bit humorous, i love his style

    Shobha de's straight to the point, she hit it hard where really want to.. that's wat i love bout her writings

    Bachi Karkaria=> Loved how she relate the indian culture :D

    And wow, thanks a lot for linking my blog!

  3. sawmpui, puhleez no HMA committees for me.

    mnowluck, why are u glad that we are not roommates?? yea Briefcase is also interesting, short and sweet.I used to read Mindsport but that column is no more.

  4. I'm glad that we are not roommates!!!LOL!!!

    => If we were roommates,

    1)i won't read this here on blogspot

    2)Every sunday, I might need to wake up early, that i wud read that space before you do

    3)We might fight for the newspaper, and the thin paper wud go.. .///// lol

    Just kiddin!!!

    That line shud have a Pun intended inside a bracket . You know wat i mean??? :P

    Even if i wished we were roommates, things won't turned out the way we wished so that line sounds better aight???

  5. i don't quite get what the pun there to explain?

  6. Today's Mumbai editorial section is on page 16 :(