Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It is a fine English summer evening. The sun has not yet set and throws its golden rays everywhere turning everything the colour of gold. We are in a beautiful nature park which is located right in the middle of busy London, away from all the noise and traffic. The birds chirp and call out to each other to come home, to rest for the day. Here and there you see young lovers holding hands and gazing in each other's eyes, completely absorbed in each other. Here we see Keith Richards coming for a walk, all by himself, without bodyguards or friends, contemplating life and its mysteries. Maybe he is thinking of a song in his head, or composing a new one, we'll never know. Suddenly he sees in his path Kate Moss, scantily dressed and looking more fresh and beautiful and sexier than ever. Keith Richards stops dead in his tracks, and can do nothing but stare at the beautiful creature in front of him. For a moment he is oblivious to the noise and chatter around him, the world stops spinning, and when she beckons him to come to her his old heart stops beating. All his primal instincts tell him to go to her, take her in his arms and ravish her until he is drained of all energy. He has seen many beautiful women come and go in his life, but never has he experienced anything as breathtakingly incredible as this. He wants to forget the whole world and focus only on this moment, this here now. He is tempted, oh he sure is tempted. Life and all its complications momentarily takes a backseat. Then he takes a step forward, pauses, then another step. He stops. After what seems like eternity, he looks down to the ground, shakes his head, and walks away. Because, after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss.


  1. lolz!!!! :)

    Thats a really nice piece of work. Original, creative and humorous! Am a first time visitor to your blog, and by Odin's beard, this won't be the last. Have subscribed to your blog feed at bloglines. Do keep the amazing posts coming. Love your previous posts that I missed too.

  2. thanks a bunch. do keep on visiting.

    p.s. i didn't know Odin was bearded, never having seen pics of his.

  3. Oh he is bearded alright. Very nice chap, and one of the best neighbors one can ask for in Mizoram. Pu Odin Lalmalsawma Sailo. :-P

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