Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trip to Champhai

Spent six days (22-27 March 2013) traipsing around Champhai and the India-Burma border, visited many of my relatives, both from my father's and my mother's sides, some of whom I have never seen before, and many I haven't seen in ages.

A young niece

A cousin I haven't seen in a decade

My mother's sister and Pa Hnuntea, my father's cousin

Cousin Mama, who drove us around in his autorickshaw

Second cousin Te-i

At our paddy field with Pu Hluna, my father's cousin
Pu Hluna, his wife Pi Rami and their granddaughter

Pu Hluna's son, grandson and nephew

Faktea, a cousin at Zote

Nu Engi, my mother's younger sister

Gos-a, another cousin

Pu Dinga, my mother's uncle

Pu Dinga with his wife Pi Khumi

At the tombstone of my mother's grandparents, Hmunhmeltha. With Pu Thianga, my mother's uncle, and his wife

Young nephews at Hmunhmeltha

Nu Siami, my mother's cousin

With cousins Esther and Seni at Hmunhmeltha

With Pu Zema, the most famous man of Hmunhmeltha

With my mother's mother, 87 and going strong

My uncle, aunt, and their granddaughter

At the grave of my father's parents

My three aunts on their way to Rihdil

Aunts and cousins at Rihdil

Nungte-a grabs a vine
At the home of my mother's younger brother, Pu Sema

Young niece and nephews

My two aunts, my father's sisters

With Ni Biaki at their old home

Jhum, Jhum, Jhum!