Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everyone is fat and balding

  • If you read this, then you must be having an Internet connection.
  • If you have an Internet connection, then you must be on Facebook.
  • If you are on Facebook, then you must have Facebook friends.
  • If you have Facebook friends, some of them would be new friends, some of them would be people you’ve known for more than ten years.
  • If you have Facebook friends, then they would have uploaded some pictures.
  • If your Facebook friends have uploaded pictures, then your friends of more than ten years would surely have uploaded unflattering embarrassing pictures from the Stone Age.
  • If Stone Age pictures of you and your friends surface in Facebook, then you must have gone “oohh-ahhh we were so young and so innocent”.
  • If you had oohed-aahed at your old pictures, then you would also have noticed how slimmer everyone was back then, and how everyone had more hair.
  • Which leads us to the conclusion: everyone is fat, and balding.
       Elementary, my dear Watson!


  1. A va han ngaihtuah chhuak tha leh si em!!!! Ka va han ngaisang tak he mihring hi chu.

  2. Correct on every point. And while I know you mean the balding part for the guys, I think I'm actually hairier now than I used to be but fat, boy oh boy, my stomach now scares me silly!

  3. ZRalte - I chhe teh duah.

    Calliopia - I think everyone now has an extra tyre around the waist. Could it be because we spend so much of our time sitting down? I sit for about ten to twelve hours everyday, and needless to say my tyre is pretty well rounded :D

  4. Facebook to fat ang balding. From slim to a large stomach-next tell me not salty blood to blood sugar being sitting 10-12hrs a day.oops

  5. E khai! Pi ber chu leh. I ziah dawnah i ngaihtuah nasa ngawtin ka ring. A nalh mawi hlimawm khawp mai. He².

    * Ka comment hi i chhiar chuan, i blog-ah ka lo lut a ni tih i hria ang.
    * I blog-ah ka lo lut a ni tih i hriat chuan, i rilruin fel min ti ngawt ang!
    * I rilrua fel min tih chuan, ka chungah i lawm ngawt ang.
    * Ka chunga i lawm viau chuan, min haw lo hle tihna a ni.
    * Min huat loh viau chuan, min * hle tihna a ni. Hu³.

    (Sandman blog update kha a lathla daih a, buaithlak luping a nih hi).

  6. So which one of your facebook pals uploaded THE picture? hehe..
    Yes, we are fat and balding and greying and dying.. kindly stop reminding me. :P
    On the other hand..... well, I don't think there is another hand... growing old sucks, but I love the freedom! :)

  7. Rp Pachuau - Thanks for visiting. I agree, all this inactivity could one day lead to a rise in blood sugar levels.

    TS Khupchong - Hetiang te chuuu.. zing thingpui in paha ziah tawk lek alawm. Chuan -
    I comment ka chhiar a, ka blog i lo lut ngei tihna a ni.
    Ka blog i lo luh a i lo comment chuan ka post pawh i chhiar ngei tihna a ni.
    Ka post i chhiar chuan minute hnih khat tal i hun i seng tihna a ni.
    I comment tur i ngaihtuah hun chhung nen chuan darkar tam fe hun i seng tihna a ni.
    I hun hlu tak i rawn sen khan min ngaihpawimawhzia a tilang.
    Min ngaihpawimawh chuan min ngaisang ve thawkhat tihna a ni.
    Min ngaihsan chuan min * ve hle tihna a ni!!

    blackestred - These days I am quite obsessed with aging and dying and fading away in life. I think I'm having a midlife crisis.

    Yes, growing old is not fun, but oh the freedom! If you don't like someone you can not-so-kindly tell them to take their business elsewhere. And you have reached that point in life where you finally realise that nobody really thinks or talks about you as much as you imagined (because everyone else is just as self centred as you are), hence do whatever you want because it will be forgotten in two seconds.

  8. I over ltk. Internet connection nei zawng zawng Facebook ah an awm vek kher lo. Chuanin tupawh an thau vek kherlo. Keichu ka cher tawlh tawlh a, ka sam a la tlem eih bawklo. Mahse ka hmeltha tawlh tawlh thung..

  9. Alejendro - I over feee... cher deuh, sam buk deuh, tha inti deuh mahse chhe deuh si i ni tihna ni maw? I confi a, a tha reng reng e. :D