Sunday, September 26, 2010

By Your Side

Once upon a time I could not go to sleep without reading something. I would keep a book under my pillow and read a couple of pages before hitting the snooze button. Sometimes I’d finish a whole book that way, read only at bedtime.

Not so long ago the bedtime reading was replaced by diary writing. My diaries are always normal notebooks without any dates. I don’t like the restricted space offered by regular diaries, because my entries sometimes go on for pages while sometimes it could be just a sentence, and if I get bored in the middle of a sentence a doodle here and there.

Nowadays the trend is listening to music before sleeping. Not exactly lullabies, because lullabies are songs used to put children to sleep and I never fall asleep in the middle of a song. If it gets to the point where I lose track of the song then I switch it off and fly off to dreamland.

One of my current “lullabies” is Sade’s By Your Side. Actually this post is just an excuse to tell you how much I love this song.

Oh when you're cold
I'll be there
Hold you tight to me
Oh when you're low
I'll be there
By your side baby 

Bonus track: Lullaby by Dan Seals. Lovely, lovely song.

Sleep, lay me down, hold me closely in your arms
And I will close my eyes
Please, promise me that when I wake up from my dreams
You'll be there by my side
Love, if you say you won't slip away
Then I can go dreaming of forever more
But I won't rest until
I know that you will be here in the morning by my side
Here in my reach
I can see the one that I have waited for so long
And deep in my heart I'll know the arms that hold me now
Will hold me from now on
I dread the dawn I awake and find you gone
Please tell me you will stay.
Then sleep will come, I know my love has found a home
In your arms all my days.