Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Conundrum

I buy clothes that I don’t wear
I buy books that I don’t read
I buy food that I don’t eat
I download movies that I don’t watch
I buy shoes that I don’t wear
I have friends who I don’t keep in touch with
I buy makeup that I don’t use
I buy lenses that I don’t wear
I borrow books that I don’t read
Am I a hoarder?
A procrastinator?
Or just plain lazy?


  1. LOL!May be just plain lazy.. same here too.. except for "friends who I dont keep in touch with "-atleast on my social networking site.

  2. I'm very lazy when it comes to keeping in touch, online or offline, maybe I'm just too happy being on my own.

  3. Thats the problem with technology, as things get easier to do, the become less valuable. I remember having to write letters while in Hostel days, buying stamps and envelopes from the local store, making sure the right amount is stuck so as to avoid DUE mails and physically going to the mailbox to post it.. whew..
    Now, our friends (in fact, everything!) are available at the press of a button and it probably is just too damn easy (or hard) to do even just that... :P

  4. That's just what I have done. Recently I bought some Paulo Coelho's books and kept it in the shelf and never touch it again...and just realise I have it when I am too busy to read it...:P

  5. blackestred - I know exactly what you mean. In those days before text messages and internet, every friendship was real, and every letter, every phone call was so much more valuable. Nowadays everything is so easily available that we tend to take things for granted.

    Kym - I always do that! I cannot leave a bookstore without buying something and the result is piles of unread books on my bookshelf. Someday in the distant future I hope to read all of them.

  6. Consumerism? My daughter used to taunt me about Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' i bought ages ago. I tell her it's for reading after retirement.

  7. mesjay - I guess it could be consumerism, buying something because it's available and everyone else is buying and hoping to derive some happiness from it.

    Now that's a good idea, keeping books for reading after retirement. But I still have quite a long way to go before I retire, hope my books will survive the next forty years :)

  8. I know what you are! You're a poet! :-)

  9. wow! about friends not keeping in touch... i guess u take the cake! how long has it been since we last kept touch? i may share a slice of that cake!!!! i still keep those old letters u wrote 4 me for my train ride back home... talk about nostalgia...

  10. awmi - I baked the cake, so it's only fair that I take it too. You still keep the letters? How nice.. I've lost all my letters thanks to my constant moving around.