Sunday, November 2, 2008

To Winter

Have I told you lately that I hate you? Have I told you there’s no else below you in the ladder of my favourites? You fill my life with darkness, take away all my sunshine, increase my troubles; that’s what you do.

Oh yes, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s definitely you. I hate, loathe, despise, abhor, dislike, detest you and anything to do with you. See, you have even made me run out of synonyms. I am quite the indecisive female but when it comes to hating you there are no second thoughts, my views are firm and concrete, my opinion unchanged. No one could make me change my mind on this one; I stand like a stone. Years may come and years may go, people may flit in and out of my life, but you will eternally remain my enemy number one.

Let me tell you a few reasons why you will never climb the charts:

1. You are cold and heartless
2. You make my skin dry and withered
3. You turn my days into nights
4. You terrorise me in my baths
5. You make me wear layers of clothing like a refugee
6. You urge me to make New Year resolutions which you know very well I will not keep
7. You push me out to crowded market places where I am surrounded by thousands of smelly feet
8. You are cold and uncaring
9. You make my lips chapped
10. You make me dress up and go out
11. You take great pleasure in reminding me that I am not getting any younger (but who is??)
12. You turn my fingers and toes into little frozen sticks
13. You make me buy shoes which I will wear only once
14. You remind me, more than ever, that I sleep all alone
15. You make it obligatory to go out and socialize with people I cannot stand
16. You make my bones numb
17. You are cold and merciless

Maybe I should run away from you, emigrate to Australia or some other country in the southern hemisphere and re-emigrate here some time in March, kind of like the birds. Come to think of it, don’t you think they have it awfully easy? The birds, I mean, not the Australians. They don’t have to worry about medical check-ups, global financial recession, wearing fashionable clothes, or ingrown toenails. The most they worried about would be some other birds stealing their eggs or occupying their nests. If they feel a chill in the air all they have to do is hold a community meeting and presto! off to warmer climes. And they all look out for each other, flying in V-shaped or such other formations so that everyone gets equal draught of air. They don’t sow, nor reap, yet the Lord provides for them.

Ok, back to the point. I hate you because you are cold and have turned me into a blathering birdbrain.


  1. OOOh, are you in Russia? Come spend winter in Mumbai, with lovely, cool sunshine through the day. Here we look forward to winter. It hasn't started yet.

  2. Btw, i've been trying to link you to my blog but it doesn't seem to link. Are you protected or something?

  3. Nah lal amber, winter is the best time of the year! I just lurve winter out here in the mountains with endless days of brilliant blue sunny skies and long cold nights. Moisturise your skin well and if your lips get chapped, you have only yourself to blame. And get an electric blanket like I just did. Makes snuggling under the blankets totally blissful :)

  4. No mesjay am not in Russia, am in hot boiling Hyderabad, today's average temperature is 25 degrees. But winter is still winter anywhere, as my skin tells me.

    And regarding the link, I think you have entered the wrong URL while linking because my supposed link in your blog takes me to some housewife's blog.

    Lal J, winter is the worst time, ever!! And I literally bathe myself with moisturiser, I dont know where it all went because my skin still feels dry, it must have evaporated or something. Electric blankets?? I didn't know there were electric blankets in India or Aizawl, for that matter. Tip: never share it with anyone.

  5. Duhi hydah la awm elo? Va tawm rei thei ngat2 ve a.cuan thlasik cu Cdothanga te nen in hmang leh anga nuam leh phian ang,hmui rep khop pon a vot em lovang cu manle

  6. thinchhia, a nuam alawm le Hyd chu. Nia Krismas chu a ngai te te in Pu Dova te nen kan hman leh hmel. Vawt ve tak ani, hmui poh rep tha duh.

  7. Winter hi a nuam ka ti phian asin kei chu. Zan mut hian kuah lum thur2 tur te awm phei se chuan aw...

  8. Yep, we have China-made electric blankets here. Mahse sin chi ni lovin, awngphah atana siam mah zawk an nia. Mut hma half an hour velah ka on a, rizai leh blanket phah sa vekin, chuan han slide in chiah mai hian vanram tlafual an tih ang type hi a ni ber. Kuah lum tur lam an lang tawh lo :D
    Khawvel a vawt ti thei ber pits pon nikum winter khan a lo nei daih toh a a lung a awi tawk ve tawp. A ni hi tuilum ip 2 pon a tih lum zawh loh thin kha ania :P

  9. Vana enge kuahlum turah te i buai? Khawmhma kung kha hma i sawn zel ang chu lo tih nak alai in. Electric blanket/mattress chu lei ve mai rawh.

    J zing thawh a va peihawm loh duh awm ve chu (ti daih teh ang). Aizawl thlasik a mut dawna khum lo vawt thlur hi chu thil nuihzathlak tak chu a ni lemlo thin. Lei ve tur anih chu (heta hman tur ni lo in). Pits poh a lo la dam chu a tha anih chu.

  10. lolzzzzzzzzz at u Vana! I'll drink to that!!! Winter is harsh and cold only for those who got no one to snuggle up cozily with.. wainch! *BIG GRIN*

    Actually, its gonna be a loooong cold winter for me too :( Better go start chopping up the firewood now...

    I miss Hyde on a winter!!!!!!! :(

  11. If you hate winter, hell will be your fav I suppose. Tee hee.

  12. Kim, I sure hope you find enough "firewood" to keep you warm on the long, cold, lonely nights.

    Naupang Fel, hell, no!! Not my favourite!!

  13. God, what on earth is up with you? Seriously. You and I should never be kept in the same room.

    I loooove winter. The winter vacation, the warm clothes, the bright care-free faces of the children, the heart-warming morning rays, the romantic cold, cold breeze, all the vallyes filled with "tiauchhum", the sparkling morning dews, the golden sunsets.... the christmas mood, the hot cup of coffee....the list could go on and on....

  14. Thank God we are not in the same room, anonymous. Because-
    I hate winter, I hate wearing warm clothes, am unable to find romance in the cold breeze,don't care much about tiauchhum, and never got up in time to see the morning dews.

    Aren't children always bright faced and care-free, and sunsets always golden?

    But, the christmas mood and the winter vacation, I would say yes to.