Wednesday, October 8, 2008

American Sweet Corn

I don't know how to make lots of money
I got debts that I'm trying to pay
I can't buy you nice things, like big diamond rings
But that don't mean much anyway
I can't give you the house you've been dreaming
If I could I would build it alone
I'd be out there all day, just hammering away
Make us a place of our own

I will write you a song
That's how you'll know that my love is still strong
I will write you a song
And you'll know from this song that I just can't go on without you

I don't know that I'd make a good soldier
I don't believe in being violent and cruel
I don't know how to fight, but I'll draw blood tonight
If somebody tries hurting you

Now that it's out on the table (it's out on the table)
Both of us knew all along (knew all along)
I've got your loving and you've got my song

I don't know how to make lots of money
I don't know all the right things to do
I can't say where we'll go, but the one thing I know
Is how to be a good man to you
Until I die that's what I'll do


  1. People like me with no natural touch for poetry fail to see the connection between this and an American sweet corn :(

    Kindly educate me so that I may learn and acquire the taste of such poetries. Not to criticize or anything, but it sounds more like a song, especially with the bracket repetition (bracket repetition).

  2. Yes it is a song. Write You A Song-Plain White T's. SOrry for not updating folks like you that this is a song and not a poem I wrote.

    It is American, sweet and corny, so there you are, American Sweet Corn. Listen to it, it's quite nice.

  3. Aduhi chu sandman ang hian coment dan tur ka bo deuh a, mahse hla a nih chu kan ring ngot tho a(Bright bik hmel takin) mahse ka man chiang chuanglo, a mei a bul tlat. I hla duh a nih te ka ring ngot a

  4. Han man leh manloh tur vak poh a awmlo, hla a ni top mai. A nalh ve reuh lutuk.

  5. well...the title is justified; that I can say :) tak tak a, it really is quite sweet. I haven't heard it, though. Will try to check it out. It's nice to hear that people out there still believe in that kind of love; nowadays, all u hear about is how big the diamond was, what a great job he has, how successful she is, what expensive schools their children are attending, and how exotic their honeymoon destination was :)

  6. Oh yes DDB in these days of materialism it's nice to know that some people are still happy with the little things in life.