Friday, April 18, 2008

The morning sun forced its way through the thick curtains, tiptoed across the room and pounced on my sleeping form, making me come to life slowly and grope for the water bottle I kept near my bed. I sat up groggy and half asleep, the ceiling fan gently blowing on my much too warm bed, and I could feel the brightness even with my eyes still closed. I did not have to look outside my window to know that at 10 o'clock on a summer morning the sun is already blazing, ready for another scorching day ahead. I fell back in bed, not yet ready to face the day, my unfinished dream still playing in my head. I knew exactly how the rest of the day would go- the warm tap water, the burning road, the cab ride, the sticky car seats, the hot air assaulting you from all directions and the sweat and stickiness that followed, the air conditioning in the office that's always a bit too cold and the thick air that embraces and suffocates you the moment you step outside. But I also knew that after reaching home at the end of the day, and after taking a long cooling bath and getting into bed, I'd think to myself "How much better this is than the freezing winter" .


  1. Having been brought up in one of those extremely cold hill station residential boarding schools (10 years to be precise), and then completing my college education at places like coimbatore and bangalore, given any day, I prefer winter to summer.

    I hate summers in Delhi and other hot places here in India. But man oh man, I love the winters in Delhi. C'est magnificent!

  2. If we had central heating and all those stuff I wouldn't mind winter so much, but the cold gets inside your bones and gnaws and least in the summer you have ac's and coolers and whatnot...

  3. I know sawmte it's so hot you dont even feel like laughing anymore

  4. ambkins, didn't realise your blog had woken from its hibernation. What a way you have with words, girl. This one reads like one of those highly readable, human experience related, short little snippets you see tucked away in the middle of a national paper that's otherwise crammed with finance, politics and other snooze-inducing ho-hum.

    Me I don't think I can stand much of these weather extremes anymore. They're just too draining on this pore olde body. Btw, apropos your statement, "I wouldn't mind winter so much, but the cold gets inside your bones and gnaws and gnaws..gngngngn..." you're making yourself sound too much like some soon-to-go extinct dinosaur. Back off, kiddo, that's my territory!

  5. welcome back.....

    25-32 is good for me. I love winter in Pune .. and will.. love woteva in Bangalore ..after sometime..hahah

  6. J: Hibernation is the word, during those cold winter months I think I did nothing but sleep.

    And think twice before you claim yourself lord of the soon-to-go-extinct-dinosaur territory; did you know chickens were descended from dinosaurs?

    Mnowluck: I completely agree that 25-32 is the best temp....