Monday, October 8, 2007

Lock schmock

One of my colleagues is getting married. Her invitation reads:

"It will be an honour to have your gracious presence on ------ as I am going to get wedlocked at ----- with -------."

Wedlocked?? I have heard of the word, but have never heard of it being used in that sense. Two words came to my mind as I read the invitation card: deadlock and gridlock.

Is marriage a gridlock that keeps you deadlocked? Or is it a deadlock that results in a gridlock? When you are wedlocked who has the key? Does both the husband and wife keep a key each? Or is it sometimes in the hands of the mother-in-law? Can a wedlock be ever opened, or do you sometimes have to force it open with an iron rod? Can it be opened by whatdoyoucallthosepeoplewhobreakintosafes I suddenly forgot the word...... Can it get rusted? I think it depends on the material with which the lock is made of. What are the best wedlocks made of? Gold? Silver? Platinum? A combination of all three? Or just love and trust and respect?


  1. I won't quibble about the lock schmock aspect of marriage but the wording of your friend's invite is horrendous, girl! The most beautifully worded wedding invite I ever saw was one sent many years ago by a Mizo doc marrying a Naga girl and it ran along the lines of

    "Grace with your presence
    the occasion of the marriage of
    ........... and ....... "

    Now that's so simple, yet so gracious, to the point, and hits the right note between sounding formal yet informal. Memorise it so's you can use it for when you get yourself wedlocked some sunny day, ambs :)

  2. Lolz a pasal chu va strict awm ve. neih veleh a lock nghal dawn ah ngai poh nihmahna lolz

  3. lolz. Nice satire to it.

    It can't be forced open by an iron rod but be gently opened by a different type of rod. lolz.

    The best wedlock is not when one has the key and the other the lock, but rather when both share the key to the lock that opens up to both of them. ahhh! :)

  4. J: What, me wedlocked? Perish the thought girl. If, and when it happens then maybe I'll call on you to help me compose the invite??

    Sawmte: Amah zawk hian a "lock" don poh ni maithei sin??

    Kima: I will pretend not to understand what that different type of rod is. But I do think you're right there in the second paragraph.